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  1. Doctor Binary

    Gamedev Challenge - Shooter with no weapons

    Rad idea! I think to game-ify it, a big key will be giving the player incentive to avoid using their shield. Perhaps using shields decreases your velocity or saps your health? Either way, excited to see how this one goes.
  2. Doctor Binary

    Failing Calculus and looking at other options.

    I have as of yet to pass calculus as well, yet I am a full-stack developer professionally. Focus on learning how to do what you want to do career wise, and complete projects that demonstrate your ability.
  3. Doctor Binary

    Tag-Team Challenge

    I think it should be permitted but not required. Collaboration comes with it's own set of challenges, and not everyone will be able to do it.
  4. Doctor Binary

    Programming game using Python

    There are a few options, depending on what you are looking to do. -pygame works for 2d games, but it is a pretty rudimentary library. -blender game engine is great, but it is no longer actively developed. A fork of it, Upbge exists and is being maintained by users. This is my usual tool and can do almost anything you put the time into figuring out. -pyglet is a great graphics library if you are willing to write the game loop yourself, but not a great spot for a beginner. -I've heard good things about Panda3D but haven't used it myself. All of these work on a Mac. Tutorials walking you through sample projects are going to be your best friend at this point.
  5. Doctor Binary

    Frogger Challenge: Concept

    Something Slimy This Way Comes! Summary: You are a monster. A terrible enemy of humanity, albiet the least of them all: a simple slime. ... Ok, so perhaps you aren't terrible in the way you think you are. After all, a love-tap from a farm boy with a stick is likely to reduce you to only so much exp. With hoards of leveled heroes marching about, what is a poor, hungry slime to do? Well if you can make it past the heroes fast-traveling off to begin some great quest, returning to sell their spoils and venturing into the wilderness to decimate a forest single handedly, there is a small city wherein a slime may feast to it's hearts content with nary a farm-boy nor a stick to make afraid. After all, the guards in this town are too busy keeping a watchful eye on the world saving heroes to bother with a lowly slime. Overview So yeah, we'll have frogger with no legs and a twist! Here's the gameplay summary. I'm leaning towards 2d on this one. The slime begins at the bottom and must cross a couple busy roads and a moat to get to the "npcs". The roads are going to have assorted "pcs" of various sizes, strengths, and speeds. The moat will have ... obstacles. 'Cause it's frogger. I'll think of something. The twist comes in with the slime's hp. Rather than always getting one-shotted by all hazards, the slime will start with a tiny amount of hp. The slime's hp will be directly correlated to the slime's size. When encountering most heroes, the slime first takes damage. Then, if the slime survives, the hero will be consumed and you will gain slightly more hp than you had. Be aware that there exist heroes that have reached the level cap, and therefore can one shot the "final boss" let alone a pretentious slime with delusions of grandeur. The slime will similarly instantaneously succumb to a few other hazards, including falling into the moat. The city the slime seeks to enter is not completely incompetent. If a slime rampages outside it's gate for too long the gate will shut and the slime will meet a terrible fate indeed. Tools: I am going to stick with familiar territory on this one. I am planning on using pygame.
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