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  1. noname999

    understanding viewport opengl

    @ a light breeze Most of the GLFW tuturials comes with SDL. @ Zakwayda For windows i got a window that can be with and without border. a few resolutions(hard code) that can change by a button (object linked to class). Some text that change when klicking on a button (screen flash becose the window get destroyed and recreated). None are persistand. buttons tend to overlap Using the wrong tools is just a pain and that is what i learned. Also i did had a text based game before going to opengl (perhaps a bit to soon) writers most of the time asume you continue writing code with previous example. i asume that in the example shows the code that makes the example work. i don't have other ppl to ask becose the ppl i know don't do code. i've learned that c++ for linux often opens with void() or main() for windows c++ often opens with int main () both are correct and can be used on different senario. int main () works for both and void works a bit more specific for windows therefore is int main() sometimes beter to be used. (i might be wrong but that is how i got some code working)
  2. noname999

    understanding viewport opengl

    tnx the GLFW got me going. i hoped that i did not need it but it seems that i otherwise have to use to manny OS pecific commands. GLFW now takes care of that. the modern c++ (17) has some different syntax. most of the commands are similar. works like a charm (yes i use the new books to make the program) i only hope that the gpu of a frend (tester) support the opengl (ati HD 7950). should word on paper.
  3. noname999

    understanding viewport opengl

    i already learned that system specific headers can be shifted using preprocessing. for some tasks i arranged seperate files that are going to hande platform(windows, linux) specific tasks. yes i have to learn alot and have alot of pre-assumptions about things. like windows.h won't work on linux becose it uses the win32 api. i hoped that opengl that is cross platform could be used with unified code. perhaps there is a great book for crosplatform becose i only find some books with java or not so great without opengl that says crossplatform "gui development"/"game developer" that was text based
  4. noname999

    understanding viewport opengl

    i have some thing working under windows int main() { void WINAPI glViewport(GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei); }; hoped i did not have to use the winapi. how will this winapi function under linux? i know i should test befor asking... @ CrazyCdn <stdlib.h> was from test and forgot to remove. can be ignored
  5. noname999

    understanding viewport opengl

    Dear fleabay , some examples that i come accros are from the opengl site that would sugeste: int main() { void GL_VIEWPORT(0, 0, 800, 600); } gives syntax error. and you are right the c++ book seems to be from 2001......😖
  6. Dear gamedev, i'm trying to understand the opengl viewport. As i understand viewport is used for the resolution. first question: what i learned is that for windows i need <windows.h>, <gl/gl.h>, <gl/glu.h> and <stdlib.h> for linux <windows.h> can be replaced with <x11/lib.h> is this correct? second question is about the viewport and like some explanation why i did get errors. i expect to get a window with border and a error that no materix and/or no collor is defined. first code: int main(void) { GL_VIEWPORT(0, 0, 800, 600); } result ERROR: term does not evaluate to a function taking 4 arguments. second code: void display() { glViewport(0, 0, 800, 600); } result: ERROR: entry point must be defined. last question: why can't the resolution directly be placed in the viewport and what is the difference in the GL_VIEWPORT or glViewport? i'm using c++ and try to prevend the use of aditional frameworks (keep it basic). as you figgured out i try to program crossplatform.
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