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  1. lumusislight

    Can I post a questionnaire here?

    Hello, Would be interesting to hear the results of the questionnaire. What aspect of business did you concentrate upon? My Lumusislight project is closely connected to Indie games, but it's not about releasing a new one though.
  2. lumusislight

    Survey for those that work in teams with 3D art

    Sounds interesting and I guess it's indeed a helpful tool for 3D designers, even if it's for a more specific niche. Unfortunately, I'm a complete dummy in game development 😀, but that could be one of the ideas in our projects too (I mean if we take educational games). Good luck with you further research and platform development!
  3. lumusislight

    Survey for those that work in teams with 3D art

    Hi, Just filled in the form. What is your start up about? Is it an education/business directed vector? I've been working with the 3D design team for Lumusislight projects of BritishCouncil arts college, but now took a year off due to health issues, but hoping to continue work soon.
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