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  1. We've turned the door to the escape pod into an automatic door. When the player enters the collider of the escape pod doors, the doors will open using an animation. Similarly, when the player exits the doors' collider, they will close with a closing animation. Only the player can activate the doors, no other objects. The script for this action is similar to the script that triggers the elevator animations. Another script was made that parents a key card to the player once the player picks the key card up. The key card will stop being a child of the player once the player releases the key card. This enables the key card to travel through different scenes with the player. - Kristen
  2. DATT3701Group

    Final IK Set Back

    While testing Final IK we ran into a problem with our code which we're working to resolve currently. We've also been working on art assets this week and have been developing plans for the music and fx we hope to use. More to come soon but for now here is the WIP Logo we will be using.
  3. DATT3701Group

    Character Models

    Currently, we have two fully rigged models; an astronaut and an alien. We will be using the "Final IK" asset to properly sync the models' hands, arms, head, and body to the player's movements. The models were acquired from and are free to use commercially. Sources: Astronaut: Alien: -Kristen
  4. We've created a small demo for our game, which includes the escape pod, one of the elevators, the broken hallway, and a key card. Below are images in the following order: 1. Inside the escape pod 2. Looking into the escape pod 3. Room on first floor, entrance to broken hallway 4. Room that holds a key card (will have an elevator in the future) 5. Schematic for game map - Kristen
  5. Here are the photos of the hallway for our game. In this part, there will be two hallways; one is with the obstacles, and the other one will be the same hallway without obstacles. Players will use a conveyor belt to cross the hallway. Our aim is for players to test the ownership and agency. For the current version of the game, we are planning to connect the hallways to the escape pod and the equipment room. It is expected from the player to pass these hallways at each time. According to their avatars such as an armoured body or an alien, we are expecting to see how the player will dodge the obstacles depending on their avatar. Obstacle-wise, there will be broken pipes, electrical wires and hot steam to be added to the model.
  6. So far, this is the interface of our questionnaire (at the bottom of the post). The questionnaire pops up each time a key card collides with the escape pod, and disappears once the player hits submit. The text to the right of the sliders display the sliders value in real time. When the submit button is hit, those text component are saved to and organized in a .csv file. One issue we still need to solve with the questionnaire is recording questionnaire results from separate games in the same file. Solving this problem may involve altering the Start() method of the submit button script (uploaded in the previous post titled "Adding Code to the Questionnaire, Elevator, and Key Card"). -Kristen
  7. DATT3701Group


    Here is the current settings of the animation for the first type of elevator. There are three elevators in the game in total: one that goes from the escape pod floor to the broken hallway, one from the normal hallway down to the escape pod, and one at the end of the broken hallway that takes you to all the other floors/levels. The first two elevators will have an up and down animation that gets triggered when the player's virtual hand touches the elevator button. The third elevator goes is more complex since it goes to multiple floors. Instead of applying a script to this elevator, we are planning on having the elevator ride be the loading scene to each of the levels. Each level (i.e. the equipment room, laboratory, and crystal garden) will be in its own scene so no scene is too packed. Below are images of the animation settings for the first two elevators. The script for the button is in the previous post. The animator There is also a trigger named "moveElevator" the settings for the two transitions between the two animations the settings of both animations -Kristen
  8. Questionnaire: So far, the data from the questionnaires the player fills out at the end of each level is sent to a new CSV file. In the future, more data will be sent to the CSV file such as the current time so we will know how long the player spent playing the previous level. This information will give us insight on the player's sense of ownership and/or agency. For example, if they take a long time to complete a level with many dangerous elements, it's likely they have a sense of ownership over their avatar. The script entitled SliderValue updates a text component for each questionnaire question to display its associated slider value. Those text components are what the script "SubmitButton" is sending to the CSV file. Key Cards The script titled "KeyCard" is attached to the escape pod. When a key card asset collides with the escape pod's collider, the key card will disappear and the questionnaires set as active. Elevator: Currently, the initial two elevators have a script titled "elevator" attached to them that will play an "up" or "down" animation if the player presses a button (or if the space key is pressed for testing on a PC). However, the elevator at the end of the main hallways goes to more than two floors in an unplanned order. Therefore, there are too many possible combinations for animations to be used and another script will be made involving the elevator model increasing its Y position to various heights as specific buttons are pressed. - Kristen
  9. DATT3701Group

    Escape Pod Model

    Below are images of the escape pod made by Ryan. This is where the player will play the tutorial level and come back to each time they find a key card. There will be a collider on the outside of it to the right of the door. Once a key card collides with it, the questionnaire will pop up. -Kristen
  10. One of the problems we’ve ran into is the amount of space we have for each player playing our game. We’re going to have to create the rooms for small spaces, preferably 2m x 2m walking space and on the outliers We’ve come up with some solutions in traveling through the maps easily. 1. We would start by separating the rooms into different levels. Simply by touching the doors. Once touching the door, the player would teleport to the other side of the door. 2. We would leave it in an open concept and hopefully the player has enough space. 3. The elevator idea, which fixes all these problems and changes the way the levels are constructed. Basically, through using the elevator, once the player enters the door the player would have to turn around to press a button and go to the next floor. Also, another way of moving through the corridor with small spaces was using a horizontal escalator. And an update on what the equipment room can possibly look like: Where those are cabinets where equipment will be placed inside of. Those Cabinets will be able to open and close. Later it will be a lot more detailed with computers and accessories. Past the door is an elevator that will also be detailed in the future.
  11. This is a concept for the layout of the equipment room. In the centre will be a reclining, operating chair with a spotlight about it. This is where the player will sit to get their spacesuit repaired. Lasers will shoot out of the light attachment from above and repair the suit with its futuristic technology. There are shelves at the sides of the room holding general space equipment: helmets, space suits, boots, and oxygen tanks. This room will have the same background music as the game, and the laser beams may have a sound effect. - Kristen
  12. DATT3701Group

    Game Design Document
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