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    Behind The Scenes Voice Recording Video

    Sachin and Josh are recording voice lines for the upcoming trailer video. The game is near completion! We hope you guys will enjoy it!

    Updated progress and upcoming goals

    Apologies for the lack of updates. We've been very hard at work on our game and have a few new games in our lineup to show off! As we near completion, we are looking to put some polish on our mini games before submissions. More development is underway for our visually impaired games, so stay tuned!
  3. Development on our game is going smoothly, and recently we've implemented some difficulty options for a few of our games. Work is being done on our newest additions to our lineup, and we are always looking for new ways to make our games more accessible to both blind and non blind players! Currently we are in the progress of fine tuning the audio elements within the games so that they are much easier to play without sight. Menu navigation is also something we are looking to make fully accessible, and lots of internal game testing is being done. Stay tuned for more updates next week.

    Alpha Gameplay Video

    We've worked on our game some more and I created a video to show our progress overall! https://youtu.be/spJRGNmVIGE Janus and Alan also created the logo for our game. -Matthew Ierfino

    Week of a Demo Test

    This week the team had a demo test done by some student! Currently we have a few games ready for some testing and feedback and even had some testing with the adaptive controller. Sadly the videos recorded during the demos cannot be posted yet but please look forward to them soon! for now though we have a list of most of the game currently being worked on and some images: Obstacle Course: players must work together to control slimes riding a snowmobile across an obstacle course with one player controlling the directions and the other controlling the acceleration. This game has a normal track and a tutorial track to help learn the obstacles. Dodge Block: players control a slime that must evade falling blocks Smash: players rapidly smash buttons to help the slimes grow their noses. BulletHell (2): players control the slime(s) having them evade dangerous incoming objects such as fire balls that slowly get faster and more difficult as time goes one. This game also comes in a visually impaired mode. Climbing (2): Players must control the slime to get them to the top first while at the same time blocking the other players from getting up the level. This game type also comes in a visually impaired mode and has three different levels of difficulty. Platformer: two players play hide and seek with one player using sight and the other using sound. Simon Says: Uses both images and sounds to direct the players to the buttons to press and in what order.

    The Team is Back, Hard at Work

    Janus is currently animating a flopping fish, our newbie Josh is planning out the controls and instructions while the rest of our team is fine-tuning our other mini-games.

    Makey Makey Make it Work!

    We got a hold of a Makey Makey as another input device for our game. So players can now utilize these inputs along with their keyboard, Xbox Adaptive Controller and foot pedal.

    Asset Work Update

    Some concepts in the works, featuring a fireball, a pulsing light, and the tree branch nose (with a flower).

    Battle Blobs' development

    The simon says minigame is complete, and all that is missing are some backgrounds and visuals. Work on the blind platformer is underway as well. The first level for the Obstacle Course (Racing Minigame) is mostly complete. We just have to incorporate sound effects that vary based on what the player hits, and also what obstacle they are approaching. Under Development: Art for backgrounds as well as some animations for the other minigames Music/SFX are being developed for each minigame Additional minigames are also in the works Additional tracks for the obstacle course Winning conditions for the minigames

    Unity Collaborate

    Most of the work this week was on making all of the project's files compatible. Lots of reworking systems and scripts. Progress was made on some new mini games as well as testing new ideas.

    Hot Potato Minigame

    Progress on a new minigame, playable by blind users. To pass the potato you have to jump and when the timer expires, the last one with the potato explodes. To do: add sounds to indicate which player the potato is on. 2018-11-12_16-28-47.mp4

    "Bullet Hell" Mini-game Update

    This week I added options for up to 4 players. Right now, each player is controlled by the keyboard but support is going to be added for the Xbox Adaptive Controller. I also added a basic sound to the bullets that pans and changes pitch depending on where the bullet is on the screen. For example, a bullet coming from the top left of the screen and moving towards the centre would start at a high pitch sound and drop lower, as the sound also pans from left to right. I also added a temporary sound for the player getting hit. Eventually I want to replace these 2 effects with better sounds, along with adding sounds effects for bullets colliding with each other, and player colliding with each other. Difficulty now scales over time, so that projectiles are spawned more frequently over the course of the game. An artist on this project, Carlos, made the background for this game. For other visual assets to fit the theme of the game overall, the players will be blobs, created and animated by Janus, another artist on the project. The "bullets" might be displayed as salt or fire balls to also fit into the theme of the game. Version of the game for fully blind gamers: With the bullet sound effects in the game, I made a version of the game that should be playable by fully by blind people. It can be played completely with sound cues. Players are able to know where the projectiles are coming from and should be able to dodge without looking at the screen. In this version, the bullets are always travelling towards the centre of the screen, and get destroyed at the centre of the screen. The player is also "stuck" to the centre of the screen. When the player presses a movement button, the player is moved in that direction. When all of the buttons are released, the player moves back to the centre. This is to keep the players and sound effects relative to the same position. It was suggested to me to have the sounds relative to the player, instead of relative to the centre of the screen. Then, this version of the mini-game could keep the fun player movement from the original and still potentially be fully playable with only sound cues. I decided to keep the sounds relative to the screen and players stuck in the middle in order to keep the multiplayer aspect of the game. If I had the sounds relative to the player, there would need to be audio channels dedicated to each player, and each player would need to wear their own headphones, which a. takes away from the social aspect of the game, b. would be a mess of physical wires with possibly not enough places to plug in headphones (who has 4 audio jacks?), and c. would be a mess to implement. My updated to-do list for this mini-game in no particular order: Display lives on screen. Replace current audial assets. Add more visual and audial assets. Add support for up to 4 players in the new version of the game. Redo controls to fit Xbox Adaptive Controller. Create a menu to select controls/options/customizations. -Matthew Ierfino

    Matthew (Intro)

    Hi! I'm Matthew and I'm primarily a programmer and game designer on this project. I've been working on a "bullet hell" mini-game. I've been using simple placeholder graphics to get the base of the game done. So far there are grey projectiles that travel in a straight line and white projectiles that attempt to track the player. The bullets explode when they encounter a player or another bullet, and the player becomes invulnerable for a couple of seconds. My to-do list for this mini-game in no particular order: Display lives on screen. Add visual and audial assets. Add support for up to 4 players. Redo controls to fit Xbox Adaptive Controller. Create a menu to select controls/options/customizations. I also want this mini-game to be fully accessible for blind gamers. A post detailing how will come soon! -Matthew

    Isik (Intro)

    Hello my name is Isik McCallum and I've been working on the sound design for the game

    Alan Wong (Intro)

    Hi! My name is Alan and I'm the background artist for our game. I also would like to do some coding.
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