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    Self Publishing Advice?

    Yeah you kind of hit the nail on the head I think. Would be great to make money off of it, but I realize that is pretty unlikely, and at this point in my career just having the game up some where is an accomplishment in itself. So, I think that will be my main focus. Thanks for the reply! Dan
  2. Decoy82

    Self Publishing Advice?

    Not totally sure where a few of your comments are coming from, but... Good point about selling it. I will probably reconsider that, and look to just get it out there for free. Will definitely check out the sites you suggested. This project was a pretty good starting point and learning experience for me, but probably isn't at the caliber needed for an actual commercial product. Appreciate the advice! Dan That's good to know about Steam, I think I should probably shift my focus somewhere else then. Will definitely check out the site you suggested, sounds like it might be a better fit. Thanks for the advice! Dan
  3. I've got a game project that I'd say is about 85% complete. I'm about to finish my Game Dev/Programming degree here in a few weeks, and while I am job searching in the new year I'd love to finish my game up and self publish it. I have no delusions that it is going to be a huge hit, but if anything I think it would be a nice bullet on my resume to have a published game. Right now, I'm thinking I will try to go through the process of releasing on Steam. But other than that, I'm not really sure. Is the Windows store even worth it? Any other marketplaces that would be a better fit and maybe have an easier publishing process? I see a lot of marketing related posts about getting your game noticed, which I will certainly be taking in to account, but any other advice on just the process of getting your game on to a platform to begin with? It's a shoot em up in the style of Space Invaders, not a big project per se, and would probably only list it for 99 cents or so. But, I'm proud of what I did with it and would love to just get it out there in some capacity. Thanks for any advice you can give! Dan
  4. I used that site a bit when I "started to dabble" a couple years ago. It sounds like I may need to check it out again. Thanks for the suggestion! All of the things you mention are exactly what I feel like I need to re-learn. I think I know the terms, but would need to be guided through them in order to implement them in code. I may need to pick up a copy of that book... unless I have an old copy stashed away at my parents' place from 15 years ago. Thanks for the feedback! Dan
  5. Thanks for the replay @Brobot9k. I hadn't heard of companies posting test projects before, that sounds interesting. I'll have to keep a closer eye out for those as I'm job searching. I've got a couple projects that I think could be made publishable with a bit more work, so that is definitely what I plan to work on while I'm job searching after graduation. Hopefully that will be a good resume booster. As I think about it more, I think my major concern really boils down to interview prep. I see some of the common programming interview questions and know that I USED to know that stuff, and that the people coming off being immersed in a 4 year computer science program will know it. So, I'll just need to keeping searching for interview prep resources and plug away at refreshing my knowledge on a lot of it.
  6. My first thought is to play with the Field of View on the camera, maybe a wider angle would give more of feeling of being small. Also, maybe some soft of tilt-shift like effect, with fore and back ground blurring? This Reddit post suggests playing with the Depth of Field settings: Dan
  7. Hello all, I posted a similar question in the Career Development forum but didn't get any response, so thought I'd try here. Basically, I got a Computer Science degree in 2004, then joined the military and didn't code for over a decade. When I got out a couple years ago I started to dabble a bit, remembered how much I love programming, and decided to pursue that old dream of making games. I've now got about a month until I graduate with a Game Dev & Programming degree. There's not much game dev opportunities where I'm at (Kansas City), so I'll be trying to start out with a general Software Engineering job. Any suggestions for resources to continue to refresh and build my programming skills? Particularly in some of those core CS concepts that have faded away. I've used hackerrank.com, which has been helpful. Any other sites that are similar? Dan
  8. Hello all, I'm new here, so please forgive me if this isn't quite the correct forum, I felt like it may have fit in to a few different ones. I received a Computer Science degree in 2004 with the original intent of trying to getting in to game development. After graduation though, I decided to join the US military. After I left active duty in 2016 I eventually decided to go after my old dream and am pursuing a Game Dev & Programming BS degree. I am in my last term, so am getting more and more focused on my next steps after graduation and breaking in to the industry. There aren't many game industry jobs where I'm located (Kansas City), so I'm also very much looking at opportunities in software engineering/programming in general. I actually feel like I'm a better programmer now than I ever was getting my CS degree, but I think one of my biggest weaknesses now is that I have just forgotten some of the core concepts of CS as they apply to programming. Want me define and implement a binary search tree during an interview? Probably couldn't do it off the top of my head. Talk about algorithms and Big-O notation? I've forgotten everything except a pretty cursory understanding. I interviewed for an internship in August and was asked about stack/heap and semaphores. Good thing I just happened to have read about them a few days before, otherwise I would not have been able to speak intelligently on them much at all. I know these are likely pretty basic topics for someone who has been immersed in it for 4 years getting their degree, and that's who I will be competing with for jobs. With all that said (sorry it's so long!), does anyone know of any resources for helping to refresh some of this core knowledge? Googling has turned up some helpful stuff, but a lot of my results seem to be huge lists of "Free online computer science courses," which could be helpful, but I guess I had something along the lines of like a wiki or guided tutorials in mind. These two seem promising: https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-science http://www.labautopedia.org/mw/List_of_programming_and_computer_science_terms Any other thoughts, ideas, or advice? Thanks in advance! Dan
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