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  1. Wow! Thank you guys for all the valuable information. This does make the eventual transition seem a bit easier to swallow once I decide it is time to retire from the Navy. The biggest concern for me was that my age would over shadow my abilities but after reading these posts from you guys, I believe that any large AAA or smaller game companies are just like any other company and are looking for the best talent available no matter what age you are which is very refreshing to hear. To reply back on a few questions and comments from all posters: My goal is to become a programmer initially, get in the weeds and learn everything I can from the field for as long as I can. With that being said, I do not want forward progression in any endeavor I take so advancing through the field is a goal as well but not initially. I do understand that a Masters is not required for a programmer but I figured that since the Navy will pay for any level degree I choose to tackle, I assume that it will not hurt to have the highest degree possible. Ideally, I think that in my post I shot for the moon and stated a Large AAA company but that is a dream scenario that I have about 10% staked into it actually coming into reality. I would be open to any programming position with any company once I retire in order to get my self more well rounded and maybe one day working for the big boys! About the not being a dick part...welllll lol if you ask my subordinates, they probably say that I am when I tell them things they do not want to hear but on the other hand I am a very well liked person that likes others so I am sure I can control that part. I just want to be part of a team, possibly a game developing team, and make some great games that make people happy! I am really excited to see that there are people in my age group flourishing in the field and that the age is not a big deal as long as your willing to work hard and make things happen! That is going to be my biggest focus throughout this process is to focus and read on whats new and how to make myself better. I want to finish my degree and move on to higher education but during those in between times, I will be focusing on perfecting my craft in what ever form is made available to me like internships or volunteer projects! Thank you all and you are all awesome for replying! P.S: If you are looking for a retired Navy vet in a few years for a programming positions don't forget about this post lol
  2. The topic at hand may seem a bit weird but this has been one of my many concerns moving into this field. A little background about myself before I start my question so that people can understand where I am coming from. I am currently going through a college to gain my Game Development and Programming degree and I am about 2 terms away from completing this milestone in my life. I am also a full time Active Duty military member and have been for 17+ years. My goal is to serve our country until they tell me I can no longer serve but I also do not want to handicap myself once I do retire and I begin to apply for jobs in this field. At the earliest I can retire at 38 or at the latest 48. This leads me into my job opportunity question, will my age and lack of experience in the filed other than my degree handicap me when i begin to apply against the younger applicants? My plan is to continue working on smaller projects as a volunteer and to work on a few things during my off military time in order to build an extensive portfolio to go along with my degree and possible masters before I retire in computer science. Will my continuing education and projects be enough to join a large AAA team or even a smaller company as well? Thank you for reading and I look forward to any posts and information! Franky
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