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  1. I am finishing up my Game Programming and Design BS and am excited to start working in the field. My biggest concern right now is that I live in a city with almost zero game studios and will be here for a while longer as me and my family have just bought our first house a couple years ago. We do plan on moving in the future just for the purpose of change and experiencing something new and my girlfriend wants to move somewhere I can at least have opportunities to work in, but for now we are staying here while she finishes up her masters program. What I am curious about is how to go about trying to get into the industry as a remote developer. I am interested in any kind of work in the field to start off as I have been working on many different areas of game development since I was a kid in the early 90's but have finally decided to go for it in a serious way. I guess I'm just looking for some advice and harsh reality checks about breaking into this highly competitive field as a remote developer. I am new to the forums as well, so I hope I didn't break any rules I missed with this post. Thanks
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