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  1. CyberFlash

    Y'all ever just get wayyyy to distracted time n time again?

    Hmm what DID you have in mind though? I like the idea of making an RPG, I'm just a bit stumped atm
  2. CyberFlash

    Getting back to it

    Nice! TIme to play some cards!!
  3. Like legit though! I got that recent Humble Bundle deal with all them pretty pictures and things and I'm just in RPG mode right now 🤣 I usually live stream some video games like Destiny or Dark Souls or whatever but I even abandoned that and spent 5 hours messing around with some new assets. Still streamed though, just of pc instead of ps4.. That's the important bit. I'm liking the attempt of an RPG because I don't know how to do it 100%.. Like a tower defense or space shooter or platformer, i've done those many times over.. I spent maybe 2 hours figuring out why my collision box wasn't triggering on a wall piece and preventing movement. Got it in the end though! That's also the important bit. Being able to figure it out. I'd hate to just watch a tutorial and follow it and be done with it like now I know things that I technically should have already known like the size of my sprite really matters because obviously my bounding box + my collision range is what's used. And I knew the second part but any other tutorials that may have been followed back in the day, they've got their sprites sorted so you just import sprPlayer and its already the right size... I'd have never got that little piece of information by just blinding following a tutorial. Plus I'd never wanna release anything for 'me' if it was made solely with a tutorial. But yeah, my tower defense is still waiting on a few pieces so that's just in limbo right now, The space shooter got paused due to getting all these assets so I'm now messing around with RPG stuff and there's fairly 'simple' things that would just be the same as other games anyway, like moving to a room, the code/command for that is obviously the same and you just alter the condition. Ding! Winner! lol but yeah I feel like I'm making a 'proper' game when I'm spending a really long time making a level knowing full well I've got to spend many many more hours on all the other levels. I'm basing my thought process there on the fact that I've mostly just been making games that run themselves once you've built the first part. Tower Defense that never ends (with 1 map/level), Space Shooter that infinitely Scrolls and/or Big Space Boss fight type stuff.. Although, I am on the hunt for a 'proper' solid wall collision method as I think several thousand objects called objSolid or objWall or objWhatever is ultimately going to slow the game/break stuff? I mean games can have like thousands if not millions of things in them though maybe? I'm just worried that I'm going to end up spending 10+ hours placing down thousands of objects and adjusting them and testing them and then find out that you can just use code like ""blah blah billy bob wrote this"" and that will check the type of tile or something you know? I was reading one method where someone talked about making a type of an array made as a grid for your entire map/screen that counted (and then destroyed) each instance of your wall and gave the wall tiles on the grid a value of 1 so you'd not have to worry about thousands of objects cluttering the place BUT you still need to insert them and test them... I'm thinking that is just 'a part of the process' though really. Like I don't want to take lots of shortcuts, I'm just currently not in the mindframe of spending hours doing 1 task like adding all the wall objects on top of the soon to be 'wall tiles' so I think a bit of personal adjustment is required really. I just want to make sure that this is what people really do. If it is then I'd be happy to just get on with it... Heh, look at that! Attempting to join the level designer guild which reminds me. I need to go learn how to make 'cool levels' in an RPG!!! I can make a house but where does it go? Hmmmm
  4. Crazy Chicken Ever Wondered why the Chicken crossed the Road? Here is your chance to find out! Play as a Crazy Chicken in a metropolitan area, dodge cars, find your way through the streets, and even cross a few City rivers by boat-hopping. You must travel across the city to find your purpose in life, or die trying. Game created as part of the gamedev.net gamedev challenge fall 2018 - frogger. https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/entry/2265494-fall-2018-gamedev-challenge-frogger/ Challenge Requirements The game must have: -Menu menu and a way to return to the main menu -Frogger gameplay mechanics, including but not limited to: -At least one character -Must maneuver the character across obstacles, moving and stationary -The character must have a goal to achieve - location-based, point-based, or otherwise -Score system -Game over screen -Audio: 1 music track and/or sound effects (firing, enemies being hit, etc) -Game may be in 2D or 3D Visual Assets Disclaimer: https://www.kenney.nl is where I got the game art from as I am not an arty person. I used a mixture of packs so just adding the whole url. Music Asset Disclaimer: http://purple-planet.com is where I got the farm music from.
  5. CyberFlash

    Getting back to it

    I'd play it!
  6. CyberFlash

    Frogger Challenge

    This looks pretty cool!
  7. CyberFlash

    The Final Form

    Pulgator is so cool!!! GG
  8. CyberFlash

    I nearly broke everything I'm sure of it

    This would become the day that terminator guy is going to come back to so to prevent my spawn oops that caused the great AI escape 🤣 Hmm would I already be deaders if that was going to happen because it would have happened earlier today 🤔
  9. CyberFlash

    Procedural/Random Character Mutation

    Using the fifteen legs example, You wouldn't necessary need to do much with them as you could always control the character in terms of movement, You would just be looking at 'pinning' animated extra legs Unless having extra legs meant you'd move in a different way? If the legs effected anything like speed, you could incorporate a 'leg count' then speed = 5 + (2 * legcount) and then increase your legcount randomly sort of thing. I'd say it'd only get clunky if you were trying to 'use' all the legs for something, You could look into having a 'parent' leg that has all the information required and new legs would 'inherit', That's just like any game with more than one instance of an enemy with predefined variables and instructions kinda thing. I think if you break down exactly what 'effect' you want to achieve from having extra limps like more legs = move faster, more arms = hit quicker or harder or anything like that then I'd suggest the 'legcount' or 'armcount' or any 'count' based on limbs that 'do' anything and then still use 1 'parent' controller for them all. If its just a visual thing then you merely would need to 'pin' extra items to your player. This is what I'm currently thinking from what you've wrote. I hope it helps in someway.
  10. CyberFlash

    3NDL3ZZ: Space Shooter

    Album for 3NDL3ZZ: Space Shooter
  11. CyberFlash

    I nearly broke everything I'm sure of it

    I mean just look at that army of space ships 🤣 Despite how confident I was, given that I'd just done a similar thing in my Tower Defense I have very clearly forgotten something in my infinite spawning on condition code and I'm just glad I closed it as soon as I did cuz I'm sure my computer would go bye bye -- Maybe not, Maybe computers survive more things but this would have just gone on forever. Oops.. But on the plus side, My spaceship will move and shoot now.. Hurray! Last night though before I shut everything down, It looked like this.. Like it didn't go haywire and I loaded it up today and clicked play to remind myself (cuz I haven't done my strikethrough ritual yet 😏 ) and it just decided to keep on spawning and like spawning a lot of them too!! So i'm glad I stay around the basic stuff. I need to do it more often so its more of a smooth process instead of once every blue moon make things and then pause for a year (cuz i've decided a blue moon is an annual event but for some reason didn't just say once every year.. weird) See lots of bullets the 'basics' work... Just really gotta tone down the enemy spawn thingy.
  12. CyberFlash

    I'm going for basic.

    I broke something in it.. I well thought my computer was guna blow up 🤣
  13. CyberFlash

    3NDL3ZZ: Space Shooter

    Could you survive a space battle that goes on forever? [Enter Cool Information]
  14. CyberFlash

    I'm going for basic.

    Howdy! I am not some super pro programmer (or English writer it seems) but I've been around a bit. I keep going through little bursts of motivation and then nothing and then again and then nothing 🤣. I started again with a tower defense and that's sat chilling at the moment now. I'm waiting a few new art pieces and will be doing an update over weekend so instead of completing stopping everything I decided to mess around and make something else. I think going for basic things are cool for now.. The dream one day is like ultra pro skillz RPG legendary blah blah something cool... but I don't wanna get started on something and never see the end of it cuz of whatever reasons.. Althought this latest humble bundle game art bundle has got me thinking about RPG's again.. I'm currently now making a 'basic' space shooter. I figured I'd write a little 'progress' post and write words about stuff to do with what I'm doing.. Things to do: Controller Setup (not game controls, like a foreman controller) Main Menu How To Play Play Screen (Ship Select) You Lose Screen Player Sprite (Decides sprite Subimage) Player Movement Player Shoot Enemy Spawning (Start with 1 type) Bullet Collision Enemy Death Effect Score System Powerups Lives/Health System Shields — remember frogger/water collision x2 Bosses Wave Counter Wave Countdown Game Background(s) Splashscreen Sound Effects Game Font I made myself this list because I like making lists and then going back through them with the strikethrough. Feels so cool. I can already cross off the menu stuff now because I've actually done that before writing this but yeah figured I would do a start to finish posting thing whilst making space shooter. I have made space shooters in different programs many times. It always come to the point where I'll meet some one/people and we'd get started and I'll go through the motions of making a prototype and then their Old Aunt would fall through the Wifi into the pond by the horses and then get dragged by Megaman into an arena of gladiators so they've gotta go barter for freedom or some excuse like that and things wouldn't get done. Then I found Kenney.nl and I've got no need for not 'getting things done' at least to the point where I can have a fully functioning game and then communicate with people "Hey, this is my idea, this is what I've got.. would you fancy drawing some awesome stuff to make it much better looking?" or even one day pay people to do it (hmm bit of a stretch but possibilities..) So yeah here are some images just showing menu stuff, (I've learnt recently that I don't put any effort into making a button look like a button, I mean it looks nice because I go through finding a 'good' font (in my eyes) but then I forget that it just looks like a word when I expect people to click on it... so we all learn things new!) But here: To be a really cool title screen!! To be a really cool How To Play Screen!! (Going to have ships flying around in background randomly.. maybe to the extent they shoot each other.. Maybe I dunno)) To be a really cool ship select!! (3 types of ship but they also have 4 possible colours -- going to make colour randomly chosen once you've picked ship type)
  15. CyberFlash

    3NDL3ZZ: Base Defense

    Album for 3NDL3ZZ: Base Defense Play Game
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