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  1. jakethesnake

    Songs of Syx

    Thanks again!
  2. jakethesnake

    Songs of Syx

    Great! Then there are at least 2 future kings of Syx. Release date depends on how the gods favor me. I'm in the process of summoning a social network that will be my kickstarters in a few months time. If I reach my goal, I'll be able to focus on this 50h a week. If not, as a full time employee and a family man with a nagging wife and a son to feed we're looking at 5h /week. With 50h a week, I'd say I'd have a great early access within a year. With 5h, gods know... It's looking quite bleak right now with 4 followers on twitter and about 50 youtubers, but I'll stick to it for a time and we'll see how things progress. Any advice on social networking would be most welcome! And here's another screenshot of the minimap:
  3. jakethesnake

    Songs of Syx

    Hello. This is what I've been working on the past 5 years, using java and opengl. It's what I call a city-state simulator, where you build a city and conquer others. Its like Caesar II with a touch of Rome Total war. I've got a trailer here: youtube I've got me some social promotion: twitter And a webpage I'd love to hear what someone else thinks. Would you want to play this? Be harsh!
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