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  1. Stacey Garrison

    Female Model Critique - New to this, need help!

    There's no baking, that area you circled still has some weird topography, which might be why you see problems. I'm still kinda poking away at that area. Here's some more closeups. The lips here are what I have in substance painter. I can't actually get a closer picture in-game as the zoom level only goes in that far.
  2. Stacey Garrison

    Female Model Critique - New to this, need help!

    I think I've made some good progress with the model because of the great feedback. The only thing we're still not sure about is the lips. Anyone got any suggestions there (or in general)?
  3. Stacey Garrison

    Female Model Critique - New to this, need help!

    Ah thank you so much for all this great advice! I really appreciate it. We're doing some animation so this will help a lot with that. It'll probably help with the weird shadows people are talking about if the topology is much better. Again, thank you for taking the time to write all this out. I'll be sure to go through it carefully and learn what I can.
  4. Stacey Garrison

    Female Model Critique - New to this, need help!

    Well, my workflow is something I'm not confident about, but I do start with quads. For this one I did a bunch of sculpting and then a retopo on top of the sculpt. I did try to get loops around the mouth and eyes. The nose is a little unusual at this point because I've poked at it with sculpting to get it more of a 'button nose' look than I had in the original sculpt. Also this was the specific feedback we got about the faces: ""but i think the character faces need a lot more work. This is coming from someone who enjoys character customization and likes to look at faces, this is perhaps the biggest reason why i wouldn't try the game. Most of the time you're going to be looking at your character and to me the model really makes a difference. Ofc if it's only in 1st person or the players only use 1st person view they wouldn't really see it, but i think in general a lot of people who care about their character would use 3rd person view. The new models are definitely a huge improvement from the old ones, but i think there still needs to be more improvement. Eyes need a bit more detail with lashes and the pupil, I think mouth having better geometry would be nice. To me, even tho i like having lots of clothing options i would rather you work more on the face than new clothing options. "
  5. Stacey Garrison

    Female Model Critique - New to this, need help!

    Thank you! Can you give me a few pointers on the topology? I'm completely self-taught so there are just lots of things I don't know that I don't know.
  6. While I've done art for years, I'm really new to character modeling and I definitely have problems with the human form. So, the people who give feedback to our game are saying the faces need work. But I don't know where to start, please tear these apart and help me improve them so our players are happy. I would be forever grateful! I should point out that its possible for the player to deform areas of these faces, but this is the base setup, which I really want to get just right before worrying about the deforms/customization available to the player. (I'm ok with them making weird looking characters with the sliders, but I want them to start out at a good baseline.) This is the female model in various lighting situations (and one different hairdo) as they appear in the game, plus a few views of my blender files.
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