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  1. Hey Alvaro thank you for all the help!The maths is way over my head so I decided to have a go at just implementing the code -_-" this is in Unity C#: void SetLaunchAngle(float gravity, float velocity) { /* Based on this formula: Angle = atan(((v*v) +- sqrt((v*v*v*v) – g*(g*x*x+2*y*v*v)) / (g*x)) */ float x = mouseWorldPos.x - myPos.x; float y = mouseWorldPos.y - myPos.y; float v = velocity; float g = gravity; float root = v*v*v*v - g * (g* (x * x) + 2 * y * (v* v)); root = Mathf.Sqrt(root); float angle = Mathf.Atan2(v*v - root, g*x) * Mathf.Rad2Deg; PointerPivot.eulerAngles = new Vector3(0, 0, angle); } It's working alright
  2. Hey Alvaro, I read up on freefall and now understand the second equation. So... I went back and tried to solve the problem from the very beginning, one step at a time, and I'm pretty much stuck on step 1 right off the bat... :L (see image) Even when assuming there is no gravity, I don't know y and t. Oh God...
  3. In"(1/2)gt^2)^2" where does "1/2" and "^2" come from?
  4. Hey Alvaro, can you help me to understand the "(1/2)gt^2)^2" part in the second formula? So I understand that this is using pythagoras theorem and it is trying to account for the gravity, but how does it work, where does the (1/2)gt^2 comes from? Thank you! Nvm nvm, I'll watch some videos on Quadratic formula first before I bother you again.
  5. While I was searching the topic "find the angle required to shoot a projectile towards a known position with a predetermined initial velocity", I came across this equation: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Projectile_motion#Angle_required_to_hit_coordinate_.28x.2Cy.29) I'd like to try to understand this equation a bit before put it in code. Does this equation has a name that I can Google? I poked at some Physics videos on Khan Academy with no luck -------EDIT: Conclusion------- Good resources on trying to understand this formula: https://blog.forrestthewoods.com/solving-ballistic-trajectories-b0165523348c However, if you have a lot of trouble following the above tutorials, because you didn't study math and not a real programmer like me, then my advice is to just accept the formula and don't question it too much... The formula translates into something like this: Angle = atan(((v*v) + sqrt(v*v*v*v) – g*(g*x*x+2*y*v*v))) / (g*x) so just sub in the values and get the result you need yeah I was trying to brush up on HS maths and took a lot of notes, have a look if you're a hardstuck noob like me and really need some help
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