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  1. Hello, I live in Italy, since three years ago I have been a virtual reality developer and I developed games only at game jams and some little unpublished projects. I'm writing to ask for a suggestion: I recently had two professional opportunities: a mid-size game development company in the middle of England (not London) who makes mainly casual games for smartphone and a mid-size virtual reality company (no games) in Italy. The former requires Unity, whereas the latter will require mainly Unreal and sometimes Unity skills. I recently had two because I haven't understood how the game industry works and I feel a bit confused by my recruiter's approach. I can't understand if he is minding his own business or he really wants to help me. Actually I'm a Unity developer and I don't know Unreal very well, but worked a lot on C++ professionally and I'm determined to learn it. I would like to stay for a period abroad (I never went to Erasmus) to train my English and for personal growth. My goal is to become a freelancer after some years in a company, eventually work from remote and move freely. My fear is that I am over-idealizing my future a little, so I am looking for guidance from people that were in my situation or that have something to say regarding this decision and any future ones. Any opinion is appreciated. Thank you
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