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  1. MiniDarkOF

    Sound Expansion in Unity

    this asset is actually unavailable on assets store :\ this asset was SO PERFECT but it's navailable now
  2. MiniDarkOF

    SFX Sound Expansion in Unity

    Hello Again, I'm trying to create a "sound expansion" The Example: a nuclear explosion sound has 1000ft of audible sound area players who is next to the explosion hear it first players who is far to the explosion will hear after some seconds when the sound reaches its area limit, it ends with a "fade-out" The Point: i already know how to create fade-out sound effect in Unity know i want to know how i can create this "sound expansion" effect
  3. MiniDarkOF

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    Wow, thanks you all guys now i'm reading all the answers, you guys just helped me a lot Really thanks!
  4. MiniDarkOF

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    oh thanks! this theory was added to my solution list now i just need to think a way to apply the "camera theory" and the "lod theory" in multiplayer the "lod theory" is brilliant, but the "camera theory" is more simple and easy to implement in multiplayer but i'll be happy if you find some reference material
  5. MiniDarkOF

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    0:15 > It's a sphere-shaped planet 0:58 > Now It's a flat terrain me: what's the magical trick to create this effect?
  6. MiniDarkOF

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    i'll try yep i know I Use LOD's for optimize my game FPS, but i don't think this is useful to create the "entering planet" effect i think it's a camera trick Thanks Anyway Guys
  7. MiniDarkOF

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    that's not what i was looking for I was wondering how to make a spherical surface become flat by approaching it
  8. MiniDarkOF

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    oh you again wow, you are the most useful user on this site I was thinking of your first theory that the spherical planet is just a trick but as my game will have the option of multiplayer then I will have to create spherical planets and somehow create a camera angle that gives the impression that it the planet has flat terrain (I'm going to take a look at some videos of no man's sky and see if I can find any clue)
  9. Hey Developers! If you already played No Man's Sky, you probally visited another planet, but the planets are a sphere (obviously duh) but when you are entering the atmosphere of the planet, the "curved terrain" turns into a flat terrain with moutains, etc... I'm creating a space travel system, and i want to simulate this "effect" but i don't have any idea how to do that idk if is a camera trick, a illusion etc... Help Me guys!
  10. yep, i know i need to create all the code by myself, i just want to learn the concept, it's really hard to find a explanation of this type of script in internet Thanks Buddy!
  11. Let me explain: - I'll create 2 sets of animation ("full body animation set" and "floating arms animation set") So... how it'll works (let's suppose you are playing my game): you are in third person mode in online, you can see your body, other players can see your body. but when you are in first-person mode in online, you can't see your body, you see "floating arms", but other players still seeing your body, not the "floating arms". (i like bold formatting for important quotes)
  12. [I accept: tutorials, videos, blog posts, scripts, any help is useful] [Preferably, if you are sending scripts to help please in C#] (i already created a post in a discord server, so i'll attach the post print)
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