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  1. Irusan, son of Arusan

    New trailer feedback!

    I think you have a really interesting looking game here, and I wish you luck with your launch. Two minor comments: the text needs to be bigger and prominent for anyone watching on mobile. And much of your audience will. Second, the start sequence of "incorrect crate" is one of the least grabby. I suggest starting with one of the more exciting sequences you show instead. One major comments: I wasn't clear from the trailer what the actual game play is? Is this a puzzler? An action puzzler? Some kind of Zach-a-like? It's not clear.
  2. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Issue with Borland C++ 4 MSDOS code compiling.

    The zlib license requires you do nothing more than not pretend your code is theirs and leave a notice in your source code. It's not toxic like the GPL.
  3. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Simplified Barycentric Code, Need a Mathematician.

    I'm not sure why you think your result is wrong. You have a triangle flat on it's side of least y, this means that the height increases only with y and is constant with x. As you see. It might help to rotate your diagram for a conventional x-across, y-up.
  4. Irusan, son of Arusan

    C++, comparing type <T> to integer

    There could also be an operator== defined for (const T&, int), so that it can be done without casting at all, or a cast defined from T to int.
  5. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Skill Level??

    It's unlikely that you'll get that far if you're clearly unqualified for a position, and even if you do: well, it's valuable experience. I mean not a pleasant experience but valuable none-the-less. Good luck in your job search!
  6. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Skill Level??

    Indeed so. From the point of view of the hirer it's a right pain; but from the point of view of a candidate? Don't ask; don't get!
  7. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Skill Level??

    Not really. You can't read their minds. Why not err on the side of applying?
  8. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Skill Level??

    What do you lose by applying for a job?
  9. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Normalising Ranges to -1 to 1

    Because it's not being changed from the value set in the constructor. The same with the other missing values.
  10. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Center/Right aligned text in D3D11

    If you have a working single line method, you should be able to apply it to multiline simply by applying it to each line individually? I'm not sure I understand the difficulty?
  11. Irusan, son of Arusan

    GLSL texture sampler precision

    Why are you not fading out using alpha?
  12. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Man years needed for making an AAA game engine from scratch?

    Absolutely, and I certainly didn't mean to imply otherwise.
  13. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Man years needed for making an AAA game engine from scratch?

    Most AAA titles are built using Unity or Unreal these days anyway. Most commercial studios understand that repeating the efforts of others is poor use of time if you're intending on a viable commercial project. But let's look at the credits for a couple of recent triple A titles: Breath of the Wild lists 50 programmers, plus similar numbers of artists and twenty or so designers plus many, many more in testing and regionalisation. Red Dead Redemption 2 lists so many that I can't face counting them. Breath of the wild was in development for five years, RDR2 was announced two years before release, which means it'd probably been in development for at least year before that. In both cases, the companies were likely using a fair amount of existing in-house code and tools as a base for the their development. Every year, the teams and budgets on triple A games get bigger. The people making these games aren't fools, and their staff are not inept. It's simply extremely unlikely that a small team can produce something similar in any reasonable timeframe and, honestly, I think it's a mistake to even try. Making massive, detailed, AAA games is what the big studios excel at; smaller teams are better to play to their strengths rather than facing off on the same ground and you only have to look at the triumph of games like Slay the Spire, FTL, Hollow Knight, and the like to see what can be achieved.
  14. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Basic Browser Tycoon Game: which engine?

    Along similar lines there are also Java and Silverlight, and a few other plugin-based web technologies you could use. They all suffer from the same, and IMO fatal, flaw: modern browsers hate them. Getting them to run is a pain in the neck. They're constantly being blocked for security issues if you're not running the very latest version and often need additional user interaction to activate. Which is a long-winded way of saying: I agree with bubble out 😛
  15. Irusan, son of Arusan

    Basic Browser Tycoon Game: which engine?

    Pretty much everything you see on the web uses a combination of the three; they're more separate components of the system you use to build webpages than truly distinct things. All three are moderately ugly to work with directly, so it's reasonably likely you may want to use some libraries or frameworks that make your experience easier anyway.
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