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  1. Very small description Open source - Pixel art - 2D Platformer - video game - made using Processing ! Description Looking for a cool project ? well here is a good one ! Project 16x16 is a 2D Platformer game made using java/processing. You are able to contribute to this project. The goal is to make a cool game in processing together, that includes You. Plus, if you are not a programmer, well this is a game so, we also need cool ideas for gameplay mechanics and story, level designers, also people who can do soundtracks/audio, and artists ! We are already using the amazing industrial tileset made by 0x72, but! Additional art can be added like UI designs, effects and epic bosses for epic boss fights Progress I started the project on my own, and here are the things I made : Physics Player Level Editor Item inventory translation arrows Level bounding box Save/Load (JSON) Playable (Part) of projectiles and mirror bloc functionnality (Part) of particle system So the ‘framework’ of the game is quite advanced, but here are exemple of things that You could add: Entities Projectiles Zooming Multiple layers in editor for : background, middle and front objects Story Gameplay Object 'connection', for exemple when projectile touches glass thing, open platforms Life system Boss fights (Art also needed :D) Level design Audio and soundtrack Main menu, game UI, pause Menu... Screenshot of project at its current state Join the project The project is on GitHub here : github.com/Stephcraft/Project-16x16 Discord server Join the official discord server here : https://discord.gg/t4q99AP
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