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  1. Stephcraft

    Project 16x16

    Project 16x16 Looking for a cool project ? well here is a good one ! Project 16x16 is a 2D Platformer game made using java/processing. Youare able to contribute to this project. The goal is to make a cool game in processing together, that includes You. Plus, if you are not a programmer, well this is a game so, we also need cool ideas for gameplay mechanics and story, level designers, also people who can do soundtracks/audio, and artists ! We are already using the amazing industrial tileset made by 0x72, but! Additional art can be added like UI designs, effects and epic bosses for epic boss fights Our GitHub page: https://github.com/Stephcraft/Project-16x16
  2. Stephcraft

    Project 16x16

    Album for Project 16x16
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