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  1. In a single screen scene (1920x1080 fullscreen for example). What would be a good solution for a background scrolling of clouds if using SDL2. Would opengl textures be a better solution, or use SDL2 itself which implements opengl anyway. It would be a cityscape view with some animated sprites, like a single level scene in the foreground. My main question is performance as well as how smooth it can be. I would test this at 60Hz, 120Hz and 240Hz, and it would not be too many sprites. Most modern systems can handle this, I know, but is there a definitive solution that is reasonable for a very stable scene where I will want to be able to switch resolutions or scale extremely fast? In case it's not obvious. The foreground would not move, so it's not a platformer and there is no need for the player to scroll left and right.
  2. zoink

    Linux gamedev?

    Ok, thanks I'll have a look.
  3. zoink

    About a state machine

    jbadams - I am going to read that today alberth - I'm getting a better understanding I also found a short tutorial on lazyfoo.net. There is a good chance I will select SDL2 either way, to set this up.
  4. I am a beginning game developer, using Linux and C/C++. I am interested in organizing my game engine around a state machine, that let's me jump from a start screen, into the game and then back out during gameplay. Where the player would be able to set options such as sound or video settings. I have never created a state machine, but found out that it is what I should be looking for. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to develop an SFML or SDL2 project around that concept. Some basic example code would help. Or some project where the source code is available and it's not too difficult to go through.
  5. zoink

    Linux gamedev?

    Are there any Linux developers here using C++, just looking for some links to look at open source projects here on gamedev.net
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