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  1. I play the doom RPG because its got good replay ability and a great story. But if you wanna make a turn based strategy game make a game like final fantasy where your not limited to choices and can attack freely. Also make the theme different from other games, no one wants a copy ya know
  2. DoomGuy

    What is the best video game HUD ever?

    The ultimate doom hud, now that is a great hud. Its a first person view of the inside of a helmet. Its also comes with a flash light on the side of it.
  3. I think that a tower defense game needs action and lots and lots of strategy. Take plants vs zombies for instance or last stand. Those games have been played for generations. Don't make your game a stand and place game though, because people have been making those types of games for years. Try make it to where you can walk around, make it to where you can also defend whatever it is that your defending. People want to be apart of the action, people want to be constantly in the game, not just standing around and watching. People want the constant panic of defeat being imminent if they don't do something. I hope that helps.
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