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  1. Ikkon

    Live again !

    Comme join us ! : https://youtu.be/CQWwrx5VKiM
  2. So the project as kicked off , we worked alot last night and today. First we putted on paper brand new idea to put in the gameplay , One of them was really original and will actually be added in our game. The idea was to restrict the player action when they her carrying the enemy Core. Not only the player will be slower (Since speed his a really important aspect of the game) , but they wouldn't be abble to use any ability or weapon other then the core himself... In melee. We tough the idea was funny and could spice thing up. Now this is the first dev note : 1- FPS Controller done 2- Health system Done and we also putted a really simple HUD. The health system work pretty much like in every game , but we are thinking about removing the naturel health regen in the future. 3- We are currently working on the armor System , This should look alot like what we have in Quake. Player can have more armor then their max armor value bot it will decay over time. What's next ? : 1- Weapon and Damage system 2- Inventory system , Polishing our curent HUD 3- First Character (Movement Mecanics , Hability). 4- Team Lobby , Map , Thecore , Game Lobby and Character selection screen.
  3. Ikkon

    Project : Sprint

    Sprint is a very simple game, Each team will have a Core. The goal will be to capture the opposing core and merge it with yours . players will have to rush the core and position themselves to prevent the opposing team from recovering their core. they will have the opportunity to make pass between their teammate, Disarm their opponent, use different ability and even kill player. However, be careful, after 2 deaths you are eliminated from the match .The team that eliminates all opposing players also wins the game.
  4. Ikkon

    Currently Streaming

    So i decided to start working on our project while streaming ! Come and enjoy :D https://youtu.be/OVWdXdhp_T4
  5. Thank's it really helped me. Well me and my friend are already working on a prototype directly made inside UE4 , but it could have been an other way to do so.
  6. Hi guy , i wanna really quickly introduce myself , So i'm a 18 year old Highschool student that have been for a while really pationate about video game (i have been doing Esport , Streaming all that really fun stuff) but lately i had to made a choice about what i wanna do in life and i'm pretty sure its going to be in the video game industry. Last year i started learning to use UE4 , pretty much only for fun trying to recreate cool stuff i was seing in the game i was playing at that time. But now , i wanted to trie creating something of my own so i wanna show you what a got in the head. Also , I'm french so sorry if my spelling is quite right.. So in Short , i was playing lately alot of FPS (Quake champion , Law Breaker and bunch of other cool game). I was talkinh with my friend and its pretty much their that a got the global idea of what this game is going to be. I wanted to take little simple game mecanics from every game and put them i one unique game. For exemple , Player could Strafe Jump like in quake , while other Start randomly Wall running like in Titanfall 2. After i came up with what would be the game objective , because player won't start playing a game for no reason . I didn't played CTF game for a long time so , i decided why not make this a CTF game , But ctf is kinda mainstream and really linear in term of game play, This is when my friend had this idea of <<Why not let the player decide if the want to play it ''Run it down to the flag'' or ''let's just #*@! the other team'' (sorry for the bad words) >>. at this time i had a clear idea of what would exactly be the Core ''gameplay'' (if we can call this gameplay). To win you have two option : 1- Capture the flag and bring it back to your's. If you managed to do so , the game instantly stop and you win. 2- Kill all the enemy team. Now you most be thinking , <<Well how? they will just respawn right?>> well no , because i came up with the idea of limiting the number of time player can respawn using some kind of respawn point system. i'll came up with more details later (i have to go to my next class) , but let me know what you think about my idea? what should i add or ajust?
  7. Ikkon

    Project : Sprint

    Album for Project : Sprint
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