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  1. Yes, it s a project at school and my teacher wants to be in C++ Builder. And thank you to everybody for the informations given.
  2. Hi, i would like to learn how to code Tetris, or, well, at least something that looks like Tetris. I would like to start my project in C++ Builder ( Embarcadero ). As a beginner, i did what i could. I made the windows with everything that passed through my mind: Buttons, images, sound, collect data from player like name, etc etc. I did my researches and i studied Tetris algorithm but i see no connection on how to apply it in C++ Builder. Where should i start with the graphics? What should blocks be made of? What should the game "stage" be made of? Some people told me to use a StringGrid and to color the cells, other told me to use a matrix, but i don't really know where and how to start. I honestly want to create my own classes and work with them. But i don't even know how to create a class in C++ Builder. I know what a class is, i use them in C++ with the console, but i don't understand the concept of C++ Builder and how it works with classes. There is so much auto generated code and it is so different from what i'm used to ( for 4 years i have only programmed in console, i'm a student, by the way ). For example, are buttons and labels and etc classes? If yes, where i can see their code to get inspired? How can i create my own class? I'm thinking about making a class for each piece, or a class for all of them, but i think that is better to make a class for each individual piece because they are different, right? But first i would really like find out how does classes work in C++ Builder and how to create my own. Thank you for your time and i wish you all good ! P.S: Sorry for my bad English.
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