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  1. kmilo9999

    how to Resource Management Game

    @Alberth I do have experience making games. I have made platformers, tile maps, 3d games, some vr using my own c++ engine. As stated before, a lot of tutorials focus on the mentioned games, but I havent found many on how to create those resource management kind. I'm not asking for a step by step "How to ..." tutorial, just base lectures or videos on how start implementing that functionality. I dont mind if it's just math, or game design related. The idea I have is not that complicated, but I havent found a starting point .. yet Thanks a lot
  2. Where can I find material to learn how to design/develop a Resource Management Game such as game dev tycoon, sim city and similar? Any lecture, book, video that would lead me in the right direction will be helpful. Most of the video games tutorials are on the basic fps, tile map or platform. But few links relate to these kind of games. Are they too difficult to make?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to produce volumetric light in OpenGL following the implementation details on "GPU Pro 5 Volumetric light effects in KillZone". I am confused on the number of passes needed to create the effect. So I got the shadow pass which renders the scene from the light's POV, then I have the GBuffer pass which renders to texture the whole scene. and finally a 3rd pass which computes the ray marching on every pixel and computes the amount of accumulated scattering factor according to its distance of the light in the scene (binding the shadow map form the first pass). Then what ? blending these 3 buffers on a full screen quad finally pass ?? or maybe should I do the ray marching in the resulting buffer of blending the shadow map and the Gbuffer? Thanks in advance
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