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  1. I readed all but this is a very good perspective! Thanks for the info.
  2. Thanks to all for the info! About XBO Dev Mode,if im not wrong,you can develop both on a Retail or a SDK XBO. Probably the SDK version have more freedom and power to do some things one cant do in retail,but Microsoft give some options to test in a normal Xbox Console. I dont know that iOS Quality Control is not very good,i had understand that Apple ask about a lot of things to a developer ( much more than Android ) to publish a App. I readed Steam have some junk games but i not imagined like something out of control. Valve is a very serious company,i dont understand why they dont put more restrictions to publish like Consoles.
  3. Hi! As a beginner developer,i noted something curious about the game industry: *Its very easy develop something for PC/Smartphone,because you can do a game in whatever language ( at least in PC ) and test it quickly. *But if we talk about developing in a game console,except if you are a authorized developer,its very rare can do something. The only examples i know are: 1) Net Yaroze for PSX ( limited edition of the console built for developers ) . 2) Linux for PS2 ( but you dont run games in PS2 format,simply you run as a another PC - with the limitations of a PS2 -). 3) XNA for Xbox 360 ( this is very cool because you develop something on PC that can run on 360 ). 4) Developer Mode for Xbox One ( you program something in Windows Universal Platform and can send it to XBO to run it ). 5) Ouya Console ( a Android Device in a Console form ). But except the XBO developer mode,all the other things are discontinued ( but there are a variation of XNA,called MonoGame that run on modern platforms ). Im not talking about releasing a game for that platforms necesarily ( because is good have a good quality control ) but yes talking about testing in that platforms. Its like the console game market is losing something a advantage that,for example,Smartphones have. I cant understand why popular consoles like the PS4 dont take advantage of beginner developers to extend even more their user base. Why manufacturers ( Sony,Microsoft,Nintendo ) dont open more the console development for beginners? Something like the iOS that have both Quality Control and Open Platform Development. Its a paradox that the less sold platforms ( Consoles ) are more restrictive to develop ( NOT to publish,only develop i mean ) than the most sold ( PC,Smartphones ). Thanks!
  4. I guess all opinions are good but your text makes me another question : What is the most ussually way to get permission to use songs? Pay once or gives a % of benefits depending the sales ? Or can be both? Because i cant understand how Rockstar puts hundreds of songs in their games.
  5. Its a very good advice! Having all the legal papers is esential.
  6. Hi.I think the most simple way to get prototipes fast is with Python: -Read "Think Python" ( you learn the basics of python ) and do the exercises.Its not hard,in comparison with other languages. -Read "Making Games With Python and Pygame".You dont need read all the book to get how make prototipes. For the first book you need install python,with the second you need the pygame module. For me its similar to XNA but its not discontinued and you can run it on Raspberry Pi ( a low cost PC ) , so you can develop a game for every type of PC hardware ( meanwhile they can run python ).
  7. Yeah but its rarely to happen. Its like re release The Godfather and change the music.Breaks the original essence.but maybe dont happens to that type of movies becuase they have a soundtrack made of original compositions. But how much can cost have a song permission for forever?
  8. Yes,i know,but i mean more or less popular bands ( like Suede/Oasis/DMA ). Another question i have is,if X game have some original music created for them ( example : the song "Pootang Shebang" in GTA 1 ),asking permission and paying money to the game publisher/developer can let use that music in another game unrelated to that company? or its very complex legally?
  9. Hi! One book i know that teach you how make a generic 2D game engine is : Programming 2D Games - by Charles Kelly http://www.programming2dgames.com/ Its in C++.But if you are enough smart you can take the concept and port to another language. The other book i know is : Game Engine Architecture ( now is in Third Edition ) by Jason Gregory ( a member of Naughty Dog ). https://www.gameenginebook.com/ Its mainly a 3D game engine book but have well documented the structure of a engine and you can ignore the 3D themes and put attention on 2D. In my case im interested in Python.The only book i know that teach something is "Game Programming The L Line" by Andy Harris but is from 2007 and im not sure if teach make a engine from scratch or takes something already built in. I hope this helps to you
  10. Hi! I have a question to do related with music license I will put a example : In games like GTA V,Rockstar put money and ask permission to use licensed music ( like Donald Byrd "You and the Music" ). What i want to know,is : How they get permission to do that? And how much money they can use to buy a song permission? Different to other media,games maybe cant have some music rights forever ( some songs ) . Another example : GTA IV got backwards compatibility in Xbox One. Becuase the game become a decade old,received a update which blocked songs where they lost the license. My other question is: Why other media ( like Movies ) can have permission to use songs for forever and games maybe not? Some numbers ( according to Wikipedia ) : Vice City had 113+ songs. IV had 200+ songs. Thanks for read
  11. Pascua2019

    How GTA Games Load Worlds

    Thanks for the answer! Its well explained and not too complex to understand. The idea of make a 2D game with graphics at the GBA level,but in a average PC was something i also think before. The GBA had less than 1 MB of RAM,so if i make a 2D PC game using only 1 GB of RAM ( to run the game on low spec hardware,like the Raspberry Pi ) , it can load all the graphics at once ( 2D sprites like Kingdom Hearts : COM ) and fast? ( i mean,like a only loading screen of 20 seconds or less ). Other reason to use so low RAM its because,if the game runs on more powerful hardware,it can load the graphics in even less time.What you think?
  12. Hi,im new here im interested in make a 2D game engine ( probably in Python ) , so i think in some things i want in my engine. One i think is : when you play a GTA game ( i remember Vice City but any since III is the same ) , the game waits much more time to load : because it loads all the city/map/buildings,so when you finish the wait you can move to the city streets without loading screens. In III/Vice City the game puts a short loading screen when you move from one city to another,but since San Andreas this is not necessary. My questions are : what exactly loads the game in the long loading screen when the game begins to run? And how does that ( example,how much memory needs )? Its a good idea do that? The engine in PS2 GTA`s was Renderware but in PS3/4 is Rockstar Advance Game Engine ( RAGE ). Thank you for your answers 🙂
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