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  1. Evgeny  Ryabovol

    Free sfx and music

    Hi guys! Recently, a not very pleasant situation happened to me. I will not go into details, but the essence is that the client received the work done and He disappeared without paying. One way or another, I want to share my work with someone who might find it useful. The task was to create similar sets of sound effects and music for two games... One of them is clone of Subway surfers, the other one in retro style.... I don't know which exactly. So whoever needs it, do not be shy, download and use for your own purposes. https://drive.google.com/open?id=195AkFdAT30lgi7QaqvbjoEQFpQUgzr-W All the best! Evgeny
  2. Evgeny  Ryabovol

    What feelings does this soundtrack make you?

    Hi guys, it's just amazing! I did not expect such a strong and varied reactions. It even seemed to me that some of you are just experienced screenwriters! This is just great! It seems to me that with just a short soundtrack, it is enough to create a plot for a small film or a game episode. All of you guys are awesome! A little reflection on each of the answers, we can say that you all described something similar. It's like the core of an emotional lump described from different angles and it's incredible. Thank you so much to all of you guys! I'm very pleased that you enjoyed my work. Looking forward to a new visions All the best wishes, Evgeny
  3. Hi guys The importance of audio perception in a number of projects is probably underestimated. It's so important to hear the response of what is happening on the screen, not only with your ears, but also with your soul. What do you imagine when you listen to soundtracks without visual accompaniment? Our brain is so arranged that it always tries to supplement the missing information, as if plugging holes in the whole flow of information🤯 As a composer, I am interested in your opinion, or rather the feeling... What do you see when you listen to this track? Thank you all in advance!
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