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  1. Euthyphro

    Mighty Dragons here! (card game concept)

    I am interested if there is a complete Game Design Document detailing everything including the majority of the cards. I am also interested what kind of original spin you plan to put on it to differentiate it from Slay The Spire, Hearthstone, or the vast number of other card games. Have you played those two games mentioned above? I am a web designer, so I would hypothetically make this into a <<web page>>, so you may want to use the ever-so-popular unity though.
  2. Euthyphro

    Web programmer looking to contribute

    Of course we can, however some CDNs don't actually fulfill their purpose and are not available internationally. I am in Asia, and, for example, Cloudflare loads so slow, I don't even go to websites that use it anymore. Do you have a personal project, or are you a fellow web programmer looking for a project? http://js13kgames.com/ Also, this contest looks fun.
  3. Euthyphro

    Web programmer looking to contribute

    I am familiar with node.js and websockets. Canvas works almost anywhere now, so that is preferred. Only a sadist would make a game where the character is a div floating across the screen. The browser can cache a 10+ MB page just fine, but I can't afford to host it with a hobby budget (assuming more than a few people want to play the game).
  4. Introduction: My passion is web programming. Unity is so popular these days, but I am looking for amateur web projects that need programmers. I believe web is the king of gaming because it doesn't require any dangerous exe or apk files and can be shared with a short url. The limitation is, of course, file size--no one wants to open a web page that is 10 MB in size. I'd like to contribute to something like Browser Quest (an RPG), LittleWarGame (an RTS) or perhaps a turn based game. My Languages: Javascript (ECMA6 transpiled) CSS (or SASS) PHP MySQL I can share examples of my coding privately. My programming level is somewhere past beginner and miles before expert. Project Requirements: Frontend or backend developer needed Game Design Document fully fleshed out Substantial art work already completed (optional) Reasonable scale: if a working game can't be put together in a week, experience tells me it is never going to get done. If your project sounds like it could possibly benefit, feel free to post or send me a private message with some basic information. Contact: One last note is that because of my locale, I do not use Discord, Facebook or any Google services. I prefer email or Microsoft's Skype. I look forward to making a contribution. Thank you.
  5. Euthyphro

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    On your website, you use the word "smaller". The blocks are smaller than what? (Minecraft's blocks.) So it seems you are one of the first to compare your game to Minecraft. I'd recommend ditch the comparative adjectives. Transparent textures in general are not the intellectual property of anyone. Neither are blocks of this size. And those suggesting to change the genre of the game or the block size outside of the current technical limits are being ridiculous.
  6. Euthyphro

    2D Game Programmer Required

    Hello, I am interested in your project. I would like to know exactly how the game is supposed to work. My expertise is in web technologies.
  7. Heiko, I messaged you on Skype numerous times asking about the project over the past two years, but I never received a reply--likely because you do not use Skype. You sent me a great game across the world. I would like to show you what I have accomplished recently, and I think you will be impressed, and I still think I am the guy you want on your team. You seem determined to make this work, and I would like to make you a fast web-app using JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, and perhaps Node.js. I mean fast in two ways: light-weight and a production-ready game built quickly.
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