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  1. Airtower

    Component Entity Design

    Lorenzo, i understand your point, and you are probably correct that it isn’t the best use of CES. However, I am trying to push/stretch my understanding of it for any future problems I may have in my development. Furthermore, you are condemning this approach without any solutions or helpful ideas on the matter. I am purely trying to understand it better and both Zakwayda and strewya have both done just that. I dont want want to turn this into any philosophical discussion on game design. It is much simpler. I am merely trying to understand this design pattern. In reality, I would probably not use this pattern for a checkers game but what if later I decided to make the checkers do more than just jump one another. What if they had characteristics like fighting, dice rolls or options other than standard checkers. That, I am sure would help to have CES as the design pattern. thank you though for your time.
  2. Airtower

    Component Entity Design

    Ok, Ive been reading more articles on Composite Reuse Principles and still can't come to a solution. I don't have a checkers game to change from OOP to Composite Reuse design. I am only doing this to learn how to use this (new to me) design pattern. Mainly, I am having problems with the Board Entity. Here is my setup... I have 2 entities, a GameBoard and a Checker. I have 3 Components, Sprite(visual), MoveCompont and the Artificial Intelligence Component. All 3 components connect to the Checker piece but I can't determine how to fit the GameBoard into this design. I know it should draw the board on the screen, keep track of each square but I can't figure out if I should have a manager to keep track of all of the pieces and check the logic to allow a move or check for wins and so on. Thank you
  3. Airtower

    Component Entity Design

    I see. Yea, I know it isn't new but it is something Ive just recently decided to change my thinking when approaching design. Thank you for your help and hopefully this will help enough to get me going.
  4. Hello, Im new here but am finally trying to switch from Inheritance Based Game design to Component/Entity System Design. Im starting off with a simple Checkers game and can't seem to figure out how to design this game. I know I have the Board and Checker Pieces for the Entities. I know I'll need a Visual Component, Move Component and an AI Component. Is this right? Im not sure how to layout this type of game. I don't know if the Board should be an entity or not. Im not sure where the drawing of the board should be taking place and where the majority of the game logic would go. In case it matters, Im programming in Swift. Thank you in Advance for all your help.
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