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  1. LoicJoint

    My First Blender Trees!

    Waou ! Cool work ! The green parts is realy cool !
  2. LoicJoint

    New Game Developer

    Hi ! That sounds like a nice little game, welcome to the forum!
  3. LoicJoint

    GameDev - Critique/ Book of Alex

    Wow, great work! The animated character reminds me a little bit of the one from Another world, the artworks are very nice! It makes you want to know more, congratulations!
  4. Hello, developer friends! Small update of my work, service finalized on February 25, 2019. It is a small lowpoly bucolic cabin with hand-painted textures for a WiiU game, another one is under construction.
  5. Presentation Hi ! After several years of work as a 3D modeler, 2D graphic designer and independent game designer in the video game world, I put my skills and experience at your service for a very reasonable price. Whatever the type of your game or the graphic elements you need, I can design and create them with you. Your shooting game needs 3D zombies ready to hit the player? Your platform game needs bewitching and bucolic 2D graphics, giving your universe a mystical and poetic aura? No worries! The same to menus, illustrations, interfaces and others that will give your future game a unique identity. As an independent developer, I have the advantage of knowing the potential issues related to the use of graphics or 3D models in the context of video games, and could therefore put this experience to work for your project. Finally, being above all a passionate person, I would be delighted to work with you on your video game in order to provide you with the most suitable 3D models and/or graphics, while remaining attentive to your requests and being faithful to your vision of the game. My portfolio: http://www.loicjoint.com/ Contact: loicjoint@gmail.com 3D models (conception, modeling and texturing) 2D Concept Art (conception and painting) Interface Example of my graphical work (2D/3D) Mecha Squad Trailer My portfolio: http://www.loicjoint.com/ Contact: loicjoint@gmail.com
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