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  1. Andres Gomez

    Looking for Teachers

    Sure Thing!
  2. Andres Gomez

    Looking for Teachers

    You interested to be a teacher don't pay anything. The platform is free for educators to use to provide live courses but you do have to provide proof that you know what you are talking about. We are NOT HIRING, we are scouting for industry professionals that want to add a little extra income while creating a closed community by giving LIVE Classes. We will do all the marketing needed for the platform but if you 'd like to promote you are available to provide courses through our platform it helps both you and us. We will use your course as an example to market like Udemy does with Unity courses or so as well as every course created by any teacher. Members (Students) will enroll in a membership plan that gives them access to teachers they can join and have access to that person through the system. I follow Yan Graphics, I would love to have him be a teacher and provide his courses in a live environment where I can talk to him real-time and learn from other people's questions that are with me joined in the classroom of say 10 students. Again, we are not offering a job, its an opportunity to use a platform to provide live courses and build a community around your personal brand.
  3. Andres Gomez

    Looking for Teachers

    Email me a Microsoft email at andi.mi@outlook.com so I can add you to the platform and we can have a chat to clear up all your questions, A sum of it is: Think of this as a platform where you as a knowledgeable person can teach people seeking guidance and that are willing to pay for not just that knowledge but they also seek to have that one on one possibility. In essence you as a member would subscribe to a monthly fee which gives you access to the platform used for these classes, then you would ask to join the channel you wish (If you are a teacher you'd have your channel and people will ask to join to become a student.) The teachers will do at least one class a week and provide information through a wiki system as well as provide homework layouts and anything really that could help the teacher make sure you understand. Lastly, members can purchase private time with teachers where you as a teacher can have access to control the user's cursor and show in realtime how to do things. Teachers decide how many students they want in their live classes and they will schedule it on their own time. There are many other tools and widgets to go over but I hope I answered most of your question.
  4. Andres Gomez

    Looking for Teachers

    Anything regarding game dev, actually you could probably mix those skills with game creation if it makes sense. For example, I'm a 3D Artist, I could incorporate knowledge of geography into landscape building for large maps... I will be teaching a basic Blender course, as well as a Game Marketing Course. We have a programmer that will teach Unity and C+ as well as network infrastructure for online multiplayer. I hope I answered your question.
  5. Andres Gomez

    Looking for Teachers

    Hello all, I'm almost to launch a live education platform for game dev enthusiasts (Think a Live Udemy Course) to either learn or teach. It will be a closed group where only members can enter these live sessions. I'm hoping to help new game professionals gain a name and followers by directly teaching/interacting with others instead of only making videos and tutorials, and newbies to have live access to an expert instead of having to wait for his comment replies. We haven't launched yet but we are at the stage of looking for teachers who wish to join us on the beta launch of this project. Only 5 will be selected for the beta test so if you are interested in helping us achieve this or have further questions before anything please email me at andi.mi@outlook.com, well set up a live session to talk. Cheers, Andi
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