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  1. Chug Buster

    Any ideas for mp usage formula

    Could you go into a bit more detail on what you're asking?
  2. Chug Buster

    Abilities for top down game?

    That makes a lot of sense! This is my first time making this sort of system, so this advice helps a lot! Thank you!
  3. I'm making a top down boss rush game kind of like Furi but with command inputs for specials like fighting games (such as pressing down, then right, the left, then attack for a special move) and I can't really think of any cool special moves. Right now all I have is pressing down down attack to shoot a projectile, and down right attack for healing. I can't think of much else. Any ideas?
  4. Chug Buster

    Engine for 2D turn based games

    I use gamemaker studio and it's pretty good as long as you're just doing 2d games, but it sucks for 3d. I heard Godot was pretty good too.
  5. Chug Buster

    Gameplay I hate dialogue systems

    I'm using gamemaker studio. There really isn't much else to the project, I just wanted to figure out how to do dialogue systems so I could in the future if I really needed to for a game
  6. Chug Buster

    Gameplay I hate dialogue systems

    Okee dokee! ///Changing dialogue if ((mouse_check_button(mb_left)) and (distance_to_object(obj_player) < 65)) { talking = true global.talking = true if a < lines - 1 and cooldown = false { if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) { a++ } } else { //After dialogue. Create new object for different convo second time. a = 0 cooldown = true alarm[0] = 30 talking = false global.talking = false } } I had an array in a create function as well. The array had each of the lines I wanted a character to have. When you initiate a conversation with the object (in this case pressing the left mouse button while close) it would set the variable "a" to 1, and check the array in space "a." Then, it writes the text in space "a" every frame. Each time you press the left mouse button it add 1 to "a," unless it is out of spaces in the array, in which case it goes to the else part, where it sets a cool down (alarm[0]), sets talking to false, which shows whether or not that specific object is talking, and global.talking to false, which shows if any object is talking. I also did talk sprites, but for that I just had a string of if statements checking what "a" is, and changing the sprite for a separate object. It most likely isn't the best way to go about it, but it works so I'm not complaining.
  7. Chug Buster

    Gameplay I hate dialogue systems

    Thank you for the offer! However, that wasn't really the issue. I worked out some of the problems with the system and I'm pretty happy with it now! Just to give some more context, the dialogue system isn't really that important for the project, I just wanted to see if I could do it.
  8. Dialogue systems suck. I hate them. I have been working on one for a project and it is just so frustrating! I finally got it just barely working, but it's the most hacked together bullshit dialogue system possible and I don't even really understand how it works. I'm just glad I can forget about it for a while, and work on the rest of the game.
  9. I don't know how helpful this is but for the weapons you could do something like how civ does it. Like, have you start with ancient stuff and slowly upgrade as the turns go on, but in this case, you could spend currency to upgrade your ancient structures to more modern stuff. As for the art style, the only person I can think of with that style is BlackThornProd, but they have a ton of tutorials on how to make art like they do. As for map ideas, I think that this is a pretty complicated question. The only thing I can really think of is just rolling with it. Purposefully make modern stuff and ancient stuff side by side. That might be kind of cool.
  10. Chug Buster

    What's is the best story game you've played?

    I only have 1 because I don't play a lot of story heavy games. Night In The Woods has a fantastic story and great visuals. I think the main reason the story is so great is because the characters all feel really real. I don't know how this compares to other story games though, because as I said I haven't played many.
  11. I recently reached the end of my first real project, and needed to get sound effects. I decided that instead of download premade audio clips I would go out and record some myself. Recording your own audio clips might not sound as good as some premade clips, but it's so much fun to run around the house looking for certain sounds, and to go outside and bang stuff together
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