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  1. Orangatang Games is a new indie gaming company team looking for new members to work on it's first PC title Ruminate. The game is about a hero who's lost his memories and is on a quest to rediscover them. The game is a clever physics-based 2D puzzle platformer. It is inspired by the Karoshi games and flash-based platform racing games. One interesting feature of the game is an in-game level editor, server side functionality will later be added to the game to allow online level sharing. Around 80% of the coding for the game is already complete! All it needs now is some inspirational artwork, interesting level designs, and a couple boss battles! Who we're looking for: Passionate individuals who have some experience in their field of expertise. -Level Designer -2D Artist & Animator -Musician -Writer Payment: For now, members who work on the project will discuss a revenue sharing percentage until a quality demo is produced and the kickstarter begins. Once the Kickstarter begins, depending on how much money is raised, artists and team members may agree on a paid salary. Requirements: - Skilled, has required software for your chosen role. - Responsible, mature, and gets the job done. - Examples of work How to Apply: PM me on this site or discord @Orangatang#0141 with some examples of your work, a quick summary of yourself, any previous project experience, and approximately how much time you can spend working on the project every week. Try the Demo: If your interested in seeing what I've completed thus far, feel free to click on the following google drive link and download an early prototype demo! Any constructive feedback would be appreciated! Windows Version:
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