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  1. Creepa-Bot Inc.

    I want to make a game.

    Didn't he have an e-mail? Or does he not use that anymore?
  2. Creepa-Bot Inc.

    I want to make a game.

    Alright, um...does anyone know a way to contact Toby Fox?
  3. Creepa-Bot Inc.

    My friend needs help with format.

    Ah, thank you!
  4. So, a friend of mine wants to make a game with RPG Maker, and he doesn't know what the format needs to be for graphics. Could anyone tell me what it is so that I can tell him?
  5. Creepa-Bot Inc.

    I want to make a game.

    Oh, that actually makes a lot more sense! Thank you!
  6. Creepa-Bot Inc.

    I want to make a game.

    Well, what do you mean? Other people have made Undertale fangames using the Undertale property. Why would this be different?
  7. Creepa-Bot Inc.

    I want to make a game.

    As does everyone on this site, I suppose. Allow me to elaborate. You've heard of Undertale. right? That retro-graphics RPG that put a spin on the whole concept? Yea, of course you do. (I mean, if you don't, here's a Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undertale) Then, of course, you know about the various Alternate Universes (AUs) of this game that the community has made, like Underswap or Underfell. Well, I want to make a sort of "fan-game" of Undertale. Basically Undertale, except it's an AU: Painted Plummet. Now, I'll give you a basic summary of Painted Plummet. It's basically Undertale, but the characters are replaced with YouTube animators, like Jaiden Animations or TheOdd1sOut. Now, the Au itself belongs to [RP]=Retribution, but I have made my own take on it, called CB!Painted Plummet. Now, let me clarify, takes on AUs aren't uncommon. There's a take on Underswap called TS!Underswap (and that's admittedly the only example that comes to mind.) Now, I'm posting this on here because I'd like for you guys to give feedback on this idea, maybe throw some concepts for game mechanics at me, whatever you feel like giving me. So go ahead! (Oh, and if you want me to tell you the characters, lemme know.)
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