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  1. Endurable

    What game Engine to use??

    Oh my gosh Game Maker Studio is perfect, thank you so much!
  2. Endurable

    What game Engine to use??

    Thanks, i'll give it a try! But what about the unconventional battle system? I fear that would be the biggest hurdle to implement into rpgmaker.
  3. Endurable

    What game Engine to use??

    I've taken a few game design classes and know python, which isn't even a whole language, but i've been planning on learning another language that's more relevant. I mostly just have spritework for the game and a few tiles. I've also been considering partnering with someone to help out.
  4. I plan on making a top-down sprite based game that has gameplay in a combination of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy, meaning that the battlefield would be grid-based and units have different attacks and ranges, but that every unit goes in a turn according to speed as opposed to fire emblem which has the entirety of a side move at once. In the overworld I plan on having puzzles and diagonal movement akin to Earthbound or Octopath Traveler. RPGmaker seems to be a poor choice here because it lacks real diagonal support or any real changes to the turn-based combat. But that begs the question of what engine to use, or if I should make my own?
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