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  1. Thank you so much. I've heard that employers have particularly different needs when it comes to technical artists. In some companies it seems like it is more of a vfx role, in others it is more of a tool programmer. I totally understand what you mean by experience being required. And seems like it's true that the employers "will only know that they need it when they see it". I will keep trying and being persistent so let's see what happens. I am not particularly locked on a technical artist role, but because I have both art and programming backgrounds, I would like to develop them further in a professional environment. By the way, your book is brilliant, it helped me a year ago with my game design class. I made a game very similar to "Papers, please".
  2. bug_ugly

    Acoustic Aura of Alikberov

    Maybe he/she just wanted to make like-minded friends
  3. bug_ugly

    What's is the best story game you've played?

    Dwarf Fortress because I created my own story there.
  4. bug_ugly

    Acoustic Aura of Alikberov

    I think what it is is an abstract of a research proposal.
  5. You’ve just made an assumption about me and then you extrapolated from it. Then your mad road had led you into a castle in which you assumed position of a righteous crusader and criticised my morals. My real question is in my original post (paragraph that mentions my lack of exposure). ———- To those who come here after, I shall explain my problem a bit more. Perhaps my original post sounded a bit frantic, for what I apologise. My goal is to accomplish a list of tasks that were set for me by my future employers. I need to make a shader and a tool. I am cabaple of implementing both in varying degrees, however, I would like to produce something special in order to showcase it in my portfolio. Now, would an employer prefer something basic, to show basic skills and capabilities (as i am applying for entry positions or internships), or is it better to show off in order to try and impress them?
  6. Wow. No Man's Sky sounds worse and worse...
  7. Have you played Kerbal Space Program? The planets are huge and are essentially spheres. When you are on the surface, it just looks relatively flat because the sphere you are on is too big. I am pretty sure that you can achieve it with LODs and selective rendering. It also depends on how deep you want to go with N-body physics implementation or even general relativity - this can be a real trick 😧
  8. It means I can do it technically in terms of my programming skills and I would like to show it to my employer. If I lack exposure to the mentioned things, it doesn't mean I shouldn't try and expose myself to them. If I have no experience with it, I am trying to create it. It's the entire purpose of this post - requesting advice with basically creating experience. 😘
  9. It's like if I wanted to make engines for NASA rockets and I was offered a job as a chemical fuel researcher at SpaceX. Not bad! As long as you are in the industry, you are 80% there. Waiting around or doing something else doesn't get you closer to doing what you want to do. After you get one job in the industry, getting another one later is easy.
  10. Hey guys and gals, I am hoping for a little bit of guidance. I am finishing up my portfolio and I have an extra month before I start applying for jobs. I will be aiming for technical art jobs/internships. So far in my portfolio I have some 3D sculpting, modelling, programming (a lot of different stuff, including the games I made), some particle effects, texturing, painting.... Lots of fun stuff, BUT what I don't have and what I consider important are tools and shaders. 😯 I would like to add them to my portfolio, but I lack exposure to them, therefore I can't tell what's considered worthy of being in the portfolio and what's not. For example if I use a tool in Unreal Engine to create a shader, instead of programming it, is it as good as making your own shader in GLSL or Unity shading language? And if I make a shader for a rock, it's probably not as challenging as an ice or magma shader. Is it better to show basic things? In which case, what are the basic things? With the tools, I don't even know where to start. I was told that a tool for maya is ok, but I can't think of anything that sounds sane... 🤯 I could learn all that super quick, if only I knew exactly what to do. If there is someone actually working in the industry who could give me an advice of what kind of stuff they like to see in a portfolio at the entry level, I would be super grateful. Also, if you have any resource you could share with me, it would be awesome. 😊 I know the questions probably sound stupid to people who are already there, but I've been aimlessly going back and forth between openGL, maya scripting and unreal engine for the last couple of days knowing that the time is ticking. Scary times 😧
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