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  1. xic777

    first game ever made

    thanks alot man means a ton, i hope not to make the same mistakes for the next one and add in the flavour i was missing in there cuz if i don't i'll be making the same repetive mistake
  2. xic777

    first game ever made

    anybody here that can give some REAL critique
  3. xic777

    first game ever made

    yh but the programmer didnt know the size for a background, we got a good bit going on ya should try it out not just judge by screenshots man
  4. I did all the art and my freind did the codiing, tell what could have been done better and other crits aswell
  5. xic777

    [WIP-Metroidvania] Slap of God-Single developer

    this is pretty awesome, besides everything, add some music, so far its coming out real cool
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