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  1. Hey everyone, I'm HeyYouJelly, the creator/director for a heavily MOTHER inspired project known as "Together Alone". As stated above, this project takes a lot of inspiration from Mother, the gameplay will be vastly similar to that of Earthbound or MOTHER 3. We've been making a fair amount of progress however our main issue is the lack of Spriters and Programmers. Before I ask for any help, I'd like to familiarize you with the project, and if you're interested feel free to contact me! (It's easiest to dm me on Discord HeyYouJelly#0920 or feel free to email mother15game@gmail.com.) Synopsis: The story takes place in the early 2000's. It follows a boy named Alex, as an unknown entity begins to take over the Earth. Alex, alongside many other friends, travel across the world to stop this evil unknown character and take back their world. (Story still subject to change) Gameplay: The gameplay is near identical to MOTHER with our own touches. Instead of 4 party members you now get to choose between a whopping 8. For example, take Phil, he's a supportive character that specializes in defensive POPs (Spells). On top of POP, there's a new "DM" (Dark Magic). This is acquired from demon deals hidden across the world. However these come with a price... Progress: This project is still fairly new, and has 0 programming development. However, we have a lot of set ideas and locations. We have a fair amount of sprites (Mostly character, walking included.) The story was recently revamped but we've been making smooth progress with that so far. Expectations: This is a hobby project that we all like to work on for fun. Majority of us don't have much experience however we still all pitch in, if you get accepted and remain inactive then we'd have to remove you from the team. TLDR: Please do your part. DISCLAIMER: This is a NON-PROFIT PROJECT. Due to the heavy MOTHER inspiration we decided to make this a free to play game as a tribute to the series. So unfortunately pay isn't an option. WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: We especially need SPRITERS and PROGRAMMERS. We prefer the project to use either Unity or Gamemaker but we'll still be open to consider another. If you want to be a spriter we need some from every position. Characters, Tilesets, Objects, everything. Any other positions aside from Spriter and Programmer are still open. It's mandatory to have a Discord account as that's our main base of operation If you're interested in the project we have a few places for you to follow us at! Including our Discord server. Gamejolt Page https://mother15team.gamejolt.io/togetheralone Discord https://discord.gg/yjT32Yj Thanks!
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