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  1. You are completely right about networking, automatic isn't the right term to use. I guess that we should say "hide some layers to the user", for example, the client prediction, interpolation, lag compensation, those are pretty easy to understand but hard to implement correctly. So it can be a nice idea to provide the user a "networking configuration file" where he can for instance say which packet should be sent using UDP or TCP and such. (Sometimes it can also be largely simplified, for example, if both users have a good connection, nobody prevents you to use a system similar to parsec) About serialization, like I said a configuration file isn't prohibited, we can simply add a "configuration" file where the user has to list all the variables name that he wants to keep, sure it is a pretty dirty way but it is the simplest, it does not require the highest performance anyway. I understand your concern about collaboration, in my case, I prefer productivity over security (in this case at least), a workaround can be to have a button like "save version" where the user will specify a version name and add a description, then the version can be loaded at any moment, what do you think about that ? Concerning modules, can you give me an example of what you would have liked to add in X engine?
  2. Those look like features already existing in current engines even if I can understand their importance I can only agree, especially for the automatic multiplayer synchronization which I would have loved to have in my early days (networking is such a trouble to get into)
  3. I actually almost finished my game framework and I am thinking about creating an engine based on it. Hence I would like to know all your points of view concerning your best possible 2D engine (I wrote "framework" in the title because I guess that some still prefer to work that way) So, what is your dream engine? Does it already exist? If not, what do current engines miss? I'll answer first, most games, that I've made have been developed using frameworks because I feel like current engines offer too much which make it easy to be completely lost. The engines that I prefer are firstly the famous Gamemaker studio, didn't use because I felt limited by the script engine BUT is perfect for beginners who do not try to do amazingly beautiful stuff, the second is less famous, it is the Superpowers engine (http://superpowers-html5.com/index.fr.html), I love the workflow a lot, so simple and modulable as hell (by creating plugins), unfortunately discontinued but still usable (I know that they are working on Hytale right now), but my personal favorite is the "real-time collaboration" which allow you to modify a single file or a scene with all your collaborators, it can make you so much more productive, really a must-have according to me. I'm sorry if this topic does not belong here, feel free to move it.
  4. Hi, I'm currently looking for some ideas for my idle game (no feedbacks yet, there aren't enough elements). Basically, I'm mostly inspired by Shakes and Fidget (which is an idle game but really time-consuming), the main goal of mine is to be able to play only like 10 minutes a day to progress, having something like a logarithmic progress curve (So playing 10 minutes is wide enough, 1 hour more will, for example, be only 25% more productive). Then here my current ideas: A "focus" gauge, which will be distributed between the "Production" and "Attack" focus % (the addition of both is 100%). Let's start with the production's focus, it can, for example, be mainly put on "wood" production, having 300 wood/sec production, and secondly on gold production (Like 75% of the workforce working on wood, and remaining on gold). And then the attack's focus can be used to increase our character stats by X%. About the attack mechanic, I'm not really sure about if I should use the same system as Shakes and Fidget, or for example, make use of troops (which make more sense since we have workforce). I also want to have an advanced economic system, having an auction house, stock charts, and others. Finally, here my questions (you can still say about something else) - Any suggestion for the attack mechanic? (Since it is an idle game, I do not want something that requires player's attention while attacking, all should be about preparation before the attack) - Currently, my focus gauge has flaws, players will put everything on attack's gauge while playing, and conversely on production while sleeping, which mechanic can I include in order to force the player to switch intelligently? - Additionally, how can I set the logarithmic progress properly without wearying the player? A bunch of secondary features?
  5. I just saw some examples of games made with flixel, and yes, it is exactly what I'm trying to achieve with mine
  6. The goal is to have a simple and lightweight game framework Simple means something similar to slick2D (but with modern opengl) At the moment, if you ask someone which game framework should we use in java, the answer will be "libgdx" except that most games do not need like 90% of the features, and require opengl understanding, and in my opinion, too difficult to make beginner want to make games, it is really personnal, but I do not like libgdx, that's why I want to make my own So, I do not have "advanced features" planned, libgdx is already doing the job, I want something simple, make the programmer think about the game and not about how creating it, java is a high level language Anyway, the main purpose of this topic is to present the game I want to make, the engine is only a part, if someone is interested but want to make it using another engine, I can think about it
  7. Before starting: I'm looking for a Java developer who want to help me improving my game engine and then, create a game that I will describe My goal is to create a "fight arena" multiplayer game similar to xblaster (only how they managed arena, I do not want robot stuff) For people who do not know this game, let me explain how I'm inspired by it You log in the game, you can enter an arena at any time, in the arena, there are 4 portals where you can go and enter another arena, there can be a maximum of 4players in the same arena, they have to fight each other in order to get money to improve their characters. I won't describe it any longer, I've much more ideas about the game. I already done the server architecture, I have a Game Engine (the client side), but there are still things to do on it, that's why I'm looking for another developer to help me if the game also look interesting for you Here the version of the engine: https://github.com/TheMode911/ProneusEngineV2/blob/master/src/main/java/fr/proneus/engine/demo/DemoState.java Discord: TheMode#3487
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