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  1. aandril

    Multiplayer Bandwidth

    For reference by unlimited bandwidth, I mean unlimited monthly usage. (Unlim downloads and uploads at no cost) As far as those numbers, that's just an example. I know it's way out of scale. Though for my "theoretical" game, it will - would end up being very expensive.
  2. aandril

    Multiplayer Bandwidth

    Yes those are the basic concepts. As far as I know, most companies provide unlimited bandwidth for internet use. But the cost for games comes into effect when you have a lot of servers and a lot of objects that need to be connected to the servers, as they run in MB/s. The cost comes the bandwidth speed. So if I have 25,000 players across all servers, and they each take up 350kb/s, then I need a internet speed to be 8.75GB/s * 8 = 70Gbps connections. As far as the CPUs and RAM needed for the servers, I haven't got that far yet. Yes, it seems that is something that must be done to get a better accurate measure. Thanks for the help. Your reply gets me a step closer, seeing as most thing may be even 10% of my own calcs, which is far less than expected.
  3. aandril

    Multiplayer Bandwidth

    It's something I want to tackle, it would just take time. Probably a good 2 years before being able to release it. It really just comes down to the operation costs.
  4. aandril

    Multiplayer Bandwidth

    Yes, that is right. Here's something I don't know too much about, I don't think an event system would work with a destructible asset. Because okay, information about a window is sent every so often (say once an hour), but when that window gets destroyed by something, it sends that information to the server and is now destroyed for each player. How does that even work? Surely the server would always need information from that window every second, and thus an event system doesn't work? Or am I missing something?
  5. aandril

    Multiplayer Bandwidth

    Hey thanks for the response. So by your calculation, each entity/mesh/player would be what, around 2kb/s tops for a realtime game? The 65000 count comes from everything in the game that needs to connect to the server, spawnable items, vehicles, building resources (trees and rocks), base parts, destructible walls, destructible windows. This number doesn't include players and player information such as stats and inventory. As byproduct information, I've always remembered people saying a while back that each character in WOW used 1mb/s or something (for stats and inventory, etc) So if my game has 300-400 players, at 1mb/s/player would be 300-400MB/s. Then the 70000 items would be around 2KB/s, totalling around 750MB/s per server. Does this seem accurate to you?
  6. I'm trying to figure out all the ins and outs of server-client usage for multiplayer games, because I want to dev my own multiplayer game. Though my draft of the fees for my game seem to be out of place, and I want to check up with someone if they know anything about the comparison between items with server-client bandwidth. IF ANYONE COULD PROVIDE THIS INFO, THE LEAST I COULD DO IS ADD THEM TO THE GAME CREDITS, OR EVEN PROVIDE SOMETHING TO USE TOWARDS THE GAME. Really this info would help a lot. See, with the plan of my game, there will be at least 65,000 individual meshes that need to have their information sent and received from the server. My guestimation was 20kb/s per item. But that was my "high end guess" to figure out costs. Keep in mind this 65,000 item count is only for just ONE server and is the minimum required amount. And I didn't want to dev the whole game or even one piece for each part and find out for myself how it all works together and have the result of it being impossible. Though it would be great if I had more accurate numbers. What would the bandwidth be if: -The player inventory allows them to have around 50 items. If each item is stored as what it is, and is represented by a 2d image inside the players inventory? -The player out of game storage for 20 items that can be sent to a character on another server? -A usable vehicle? -Player position? -Player stats? (health, strength, etc) -an item that can only be used/moved by a player with an applicable stat; say a player needs 200 strength to move an item? Would this just be basically a replication of the info of the players stat? -A glass window that can be destroyed? -A tree that can be cut down or climbed? -dynamic destructible wall from a building? -An AI enemy? -Any spawnable item found on map? By the way, if relevant, game engine being used is Unreal Engine 4.
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