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  1. Thanks everyone for the valuable responses,one thing is clear for me, not to use the names protected by trademark. I am just confused about the copyright of the vehicle models, up to what extent the resemblances are acceptable.If I add a different spoiler,distort the basic original model a little and change the body proportion of the cars , will this eliminate the risk of lawsuit?
  2. Thanks everyone for your valuable suggestions. Now i feel , as this will be my first indie game, the best way to stay out of any legal complications is to alter the model of cars as much as possible to prevent copyright and use completely different names for the trademarks. If I gain something remarkable out of game, I can consider to pay for the licenses later on. @fleabay Honest opinions are always welcome.
  3. Thanks for making it more clear, @JulieMaru-chan . If models resemble 80%, names are completely different (Jaguar-->Parrot), and I put a disclaimer , should that be safe enough? I will definitely try to seek a legal advice in the advanced stages of production. Thanks!
  4. I am in midst of developing a multiplayer racing game , targeting Steam platform. I have got some car models from a freelancer that actually resemble the original cars. If I intend to use the actual names of the cars inside the game, is there any legal permission required from each manufacturer(if yes, how much does that generally cost and what are the other complications?) or is there any procedure that can bypass all the copyright elements and allows me to use the actual names without any complications? I am not willing to pay for this(to get permissions for using brand names) purpose as of now . That way can slightly altering the names - like naming McLaren to MacKaren will be legal?
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