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  1. Hello there, Let's say I am looking into designing a game similar to Guitar hero for mobile. If a player plays niche songs from obscure bands, what is the best way to register his highscore on a global server? I'm interested in resource efficiency and response times. Thanks!
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    Leaderboards optimization

    Hi Septopus, Thanks for the reply, it helps to know what you understood from my question :). I am interested in how the scores register on the database of the server. Let's say you can play songs from youtoobe and people will play the same song, but the remix done by their favorite artist. Imagine that 100k people playing a lot of songs every day will create a long list of songs your client must check every time for the highest score. Now, imagine 1000 concurrent users are doing queries on the server for the highscore. My question is how can you avoid a high load on to your database server. LE: @hplus0603 Yes, you kinda nailed it, but how do I calculate the processing power needed? Any pointer to that? And in the case described above, what kind of optimization options do I have to reduce data entry and/or cpu power needed for the query?
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