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  1. So I think I've set up everything I should need: - Virtual Machine - Virtual Network - Virtual Network Gateway - STATIC Public IP Address (connected to gateway I'm pretty sure) Does that seem about right for hosting basic in-out transmission of data? I can do more with security, etc later.
  2. Yeah I did lol. This guy on youtube has a vid making a Virtual Network and it auto-filled for the address space... mine didn't lol. I just typed it in and it accepted it thought so I guess it's all good.
  3. Alright I gotcha, I'll play around with it a bit, you know.
  4. Yeah! I think that hosting it through a virtual machine that I can access anywhere (right?) would be better than having it running on my computer. I'm trying to use Microsoft Azure but this is SUPER confusing lol... I'll figure it all out eventually though.
  5. Thank you! I'll check it out when I get time to code. Ok sorry, I'm looking at a tutorial about setting it up and whatnot... it looks like it's just a virtual OS thing, right? Kind of like an emulator? How is it relevant to my programming, I'm confused... I'm not really trying to use Ubuntu, whatever that's used for lol. Is it for security?
  6. Alright, thanks for your help! I really appreciate it, I feel like most articles on this stuff are always super vague and basic, so thanks for hooking me up with some knowledge! Also if you have discord and you don't mind sharing it, you should add me Minipong#6531! I know you've almost certainly got better things to associate with then something like this, but if you're interested in game development and the type of thing that I'm doing I'd love to get some feedback from you on my progress. Again, thanks for the help man! I really appreciate it!
  7. Okay I see, so with one of those virtual ones I'd only have one port right? Like, a dedicated port. I think that's how it works anyway... And I could run my executables on it as well? If you don't know it's ok just wondering.
  8. I totally forgot that there was a limit lol, 13737 maybe? Whatever that doesn't matter Last thing I promise, the rest I'm pretty sure I can find elsewhere: When it comes to using one of those dedicated services, is it like a virtual machine where I can upload the .jar file for the server and give a command to have it running on their computer, or is it more specific.... As I have it now the server as virtually identical to the client (you double click on the jar and it opens, simple as that, and will establish the server on whatever port and all that which I have it set to!). Will that same type of program (an executable) be suitable for their service? I want to say thanks for all the help and patience
  9. Alright thanks! Honestly I don't have a problem adding a few digits to the port. It shouldn't cause any problems using 373737 right? That's not too high? Also, for now I want to make it friends only but once it's more detailed and more like a real game I want to make it available for free download (or maybe $3 or something affordable) so it wouldn't be as huge of a target as something like Fortnite, but for future reference with something like that what safety precautions could I take? Just stuff that's reaaaally an obvious problem. (Sorry I know I've asked a lot of stuff lol) Lastly, you're saying that the unused ports should be closed... Doesn't your router have them closed by default? I feel like you're talking about port forwarding (only port forwarding the ONE port I need open, correct?)
  10. Yeah... We have fiber optic cables I'm pretty sure so I've never seen it under 10mbps upload. Also, for the firewall or Port forward or whatever, I'm trying to make a game (gamedev.net lol) and I'm coding the server and clients both myself, so for port forwarding should I just find a port that's not commonly used (such as 3737, was what I was planning on using) to Port forward, I should be safe, yes? So in summary I need to Port forward one port (3737) and not allow connections from other random ones, is that all I need to keep my network safe? Edit: it would probably be easier to ask, what would be a significant security issue?
  11. I see what you're saying and yes, I also have a relatively high upload speed (around 30mbps) so, for maybe 10 clients at most I should be good right? As for port forwarding and firewalls, I know the basics, that you need to have a port open and ready to have data go in and out etc. I've dabbled in servers before and actually had one successfully work... But that was about a year ago lol. If it's not too much trouble do you think you could explain what aspects of my firewall and port-forwarding processes you're referring to- that I need to "pay attention" to. A short paragraph would do, I'm just wondering what precautions I should take to ensure (relative) safety and efficiency! Thanks for responding so quickly too! :)
  12. For example, if I wanted to code a server in Java for my game, and allow my friends to play the game, would it run just as well as a dedicated server would? (security, overload, etc wouldn't be a problem because I trust them not to use it maliciously and I have a very fast network, over 100 Mbps) That is, assuming the server had the same RAM, etc as my own server... My understanding of a "server" for any large game such as COD or Overwatch, is that it's basically just one big router, so for a small game like mine, could I just use my home computer and network as a temporary host?
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