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  1. Edward Tagg

    Lets make a video game! - Project 16x16

    Wouldn't let me send you a request on Discord for some reason, so I'll leave mine: LetMeDoStuff#5728 I'd be happy to throw in some ideas when there's more info, but we can discuss that in Discord anyway
  2. Edward Tagg

    Lets make a video game! - Project 16x16

    Similarly as the one above, I'd be interested with helping out with the story elements to the game. I'm a semi-professional writer and have some bits and pieces I can show you. Whilst going into the gaming industry is kind of a leap from my usual authoring techniques, I'd like to implement my world-building and other passions. I'd be more than interested, if you'd take me on, and can provide a contact method if you wish?
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