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  1. I was wondering, Is it digitally possible to Source a line of HTML from another site? For example, I have a Key-generator Site and I want to Source the key directly onto my website, so it auto updates in real-time whenever the Key is Changed. (don't ask why i'm using a keygenerator I just want to know if its possible, the site its on autoredirects using a referrer check to see where you entered the website from, and if its false, it send you to an annoying ad human survey thing....) anyways I just need a way to source the simple little line of text to my site Is it possible to do something like this: <span src="Site.com###head > ElementSelectorHere" </span> or something similar where I can link the location of the html via a Copied Selector, Javascript or XPath? If so please give me a base example to go off of??
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