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  1. Jsimmons

    Building a team

    I have some level of art. I do concepts well, and have some 3D experience
  2. Jsimmons

    Looking for some collaborators

    Thanks guys. I’m looking for a programmer who can help me with some pathfinding AI for NPCs. And a 3D modeler who can help create character rigs. That’s it for now.
  3. I have a few ideas, but when I try to tackle them all by myself, I get totally frozen. I could use a partner or two, who can help me out with executing some of these ideas for cool new VR games. I'm not very good at asking for help, obviously, but I need help. So I'm throwing this out there, to anybody who would like to help me out, get some credit out there and make some fun games. PS If this is the wrong place, please let me know, I just, I've been stuck for so long
  4. This was me, wrong google account. That’s embarrassing
  5. So my only coding experience is with writing Interactive Fiction games with Inform, so I get the logic and stuff, but, I'm so used to starting with a program with libraries and assets already built in, that I have no idea how to build something from scratch. I'm would like to make this simulation game where the player is a student in a [magic] school, and I've got stats for the students, their personality types, and ideas on how that should effect their performance in class, and experience rates, and all this data in a google spreadsheet, but I have NO idea how to start creating this game on a code level. So, I'm just struggling on finding out how to get started. Can anybody give me some advice?
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