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  1. Gilles Meiresonne

    Inspiration for citybuilder game

    This sounds really nice, this gave me lots of ideas for the game. Thank you
  2. Gilles Meiresonne

    Inspiration for citybuilder game

    Kind of. I was thinking to do something like Clash of Clans, or like They are Billions. But need to find a right way of implemening it to keep a balance between defence and general city simulating.
  3. Gilles Meiresonne

    Inspiration for citybuilder game

    Thanks for to reply, For the moment I don't have much more than this screenshot, the game is still in very early development. I have my own vision for the game, but i wanted to hear from some people what they would like to see to maybe add to my idea. It might have been better if I explained that better. My current view for the game is some post-apocalyptic setting where you start an early settlement to rebuild a society but you have to defend your town from scavengers and mutants. Resource gettering would also be implemented, but would not be the main focus. The focus would be general city simulation and stratigic defence. Sorry for the misunderstanding
  4. Gilles Meiresonne

    Inspiration for citybuilder game

    Just overall direction of the game. Like focus (trafic, city design, combat...), setting (historic, present, post-apoc) and gerenal gameplay. Btw how do I make the png available.
  5. Gilles Meiresonne

    Inspiration for citybuilder game

    Hallo, I am working on a game and I want to make a city builder. I have already programmed the basics (road system, building placement etc) but now I have to make a critical disign choice. To make this choice I wanted some feedback from other gamers and gamedevolopers who are familiar (or not familiar) with this genre and hear what they havent seen in this genre and would really want to see happen in a city builder game. For the moment the only thing that is certain is that the game will be a 2D isometric game (like the old school simcity but modernised). This is a screenshot of the current game, art is temporary and will change.I also would like to have some PvE elements like 'RimWorld' or 'They are billions'. If you have any suggestion please leave a comment or write something on the discord of the game (https://discord.gg/8NBTUkn). Ps if you want to by join my project just leave a message on the discord.
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