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  1. it is this part: static bool LoadGraphicsEngineOpenGL(GetEngineFactoryOpenGLType &GetFactoryFunc) { GetFactoryFunc = nullptr; std::string LibName = "GraphicsEngineOpenGL_"; #if _WIN64 LibName += "64"; #else LibName += "32"; #endif #ifdef _DEBUG LibName += "d"; #else LibName += "r"; #endif LibName += ".dll"; auto hModule = LoadLibraryA( LibName.c_str() ); .... I copied from the tutorial.
  2. I have been able to build correctly with mingw 8.3.0. Tutorials and Samples work fine. But when intregrating with my project, I get following: warning: Failed to load GraphicsEngineOpenGL_64r.dll library It insists on _64r, but there is none. I cannot figure what the examples link against... CMake is not my strong point ;-(
  3. Many thanks 👌 I must say I am a bit surprised that it compiles that much slower. I have never experienced MinGW being slower, quite the the contrary in fact, it is typically faster. But ok, it works and that is what counts. Optimisation is future worries. Time to get my feet wet and start integration. Stoked!
  4. Ah, I figured that much. So I can maintain my input handling as it is and initialize Diligent with the native handle and proceed from there. I will certainly take a close look at the examples. Hopefully you solve the link issues. I had never hoped to get this kind of response soo quickly. Just awesome. Thanx 🙂
  5. Your point being? I have played with BGFX for a few days and found it VERY cumbersome, especially its shaders. You cannot use any shader of the Interwebs for testing. You must extensively modify it, without any proper documentation at all. No geometry shaders. Uniforms are ALWAYS vec4. Need I go on? Yes, I got it working, but am frantically removing it and hope to replace my rendering component with Diligent Engine/Core.
  6. In my opinion GDB and DDD surpass MS, MinGW C++ compiler is compliant and has no MS proprietary behaviour. --- How would I proceed the integration? I use GLFW for window creation, handle (mouse/keyboard) input and pass the native window handle to BGFX (nice, but shader mngt is big yuck!). I can see how my RenderManager will 'manage' the device and my RenderOperation will contain the Buffer related parts. My engine is Entity based and follows Gaffer's ideas on distributed simulation, so I must have a lot of control on what happens when...:-)
  7. That is very good news indeed. Looking forward to integrate Diligent Engine with my project. Thanx for your very(!) speedy response :-)
  8. Oh? wow that would be really awesome. I have tried different mingw versions already (5.3.0,6.4.0, 8.1.0), but that does not seem to be the root cause.
  9. I really do not like the build and debug tools from Microsoft. I have my project setup in Eclipse with CDT and the MinGW compiler. As you already support linux, it would not be a huge step, I guess. I have tried to generate the makefiles using cmakegui bit it fails to build.
  10. Looks promising! Will try and integrate with my (entity based) engine as I do not want to spent a lot of time on the renderer part. Any MinGW support planned?
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