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  1. Subtyven

    Orange Instinct - My first Web Game

    Hi, thank's for feedback. You have to understand that more you are close to the ball, less your next shot will have power :). that's how you control it.
  2. Subtyven

    Orange Instinct - My first Web Game

    For the moment i prefer to keep this game as a little challenging game which award the best players. A more complete version could be created in the future, but may be i forgot to mention that it's just a student project Anyway trust me the first 20 levels are not that hard.
  3. Subtyven

    Orange Instinct - My first Web Game

    It's your mission to find how to control the orange 😄
  4. Hello, i wanted to share my new project which i'm very proud. You can directly try it here: (choose Play Beta->Offline if you don't want to create an account). As you can see it's a very simple game, just use your mouse 😄 Feel free to say what you want
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