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  1. Perto Koval

    Software to create this effects...

    Can you tell me please what does "YT" mean?
  2. So the only way for me to add visual effects to my game is through making the effect in a third-party software, exporting it as a PNG sequence and then pasting it into the engine I am working in right now. The effects I want to learn how to create are similar to these: one, two, three and four. I know that you can (somehow) make them in After Effects but it is too expensive for me. So I want a similar software but a little cheaper. The problem is that I don't even know where to find it. If I google for "After Effects alternatives" I will only get software that is focused to create film effects. If I google "best vfx software for games" I will get Blender and 3d Max which is not appropriate (probably) for cartoon-ish style vfxs that I want. So: How can I find software for making visual effects like splashes, explosions, flashes for games? Are Blender / 3d Max really appropriate here? How these effects are called properly? Visual effects or particle effects or animation?
  3. Perto Koval

    Pre-rendered visual effects?

    So if I want to create a really fancy and beautiful 2d effect of a campfire I open After Effects, create the effect and then export 2d animation as a .xml file, png sequence etc. And it works anywhere - Unity, Unreal Engine... Can I create that campfire effect in 3d, so I could paste it anywhere I want? So it would be an independent 3d visual effect file? I know that you can create particle effects in most game engines but I am asking specifically about the independent visual effect file format and software with which I can create it. If I ask thison the wrong forum, please tell me where can I find the appropriate one
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