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  1. This approach makes sense. Do you have any known games in mind which use this approach? Can't think of any straight away.
  2. Hello guys, Not sure if this is the right forum, but I'll post it anyway. I have recently started working on a game which I was originally planning for a PC (using unity). The game is an orthographic top-down run and gun and heavily relies on movement controls. Now due to budget limitations I am thinking about going mobile first. However, when I started investigating the development of the on-screen joystick for a mobile game, I found it extremely poor, annoying and limited. I tried several "classic" sega ports and they were extremely difficult and frustrating to control (especially remembering that I played these classics as a kid and never got frustrated). Is this simply a bad example of the joystick? Are there any good games which I can look at as an example? Or is this really as good as it gets for touchscreen devices?
  3. Volts Pots

    2D sprite cost - need some advice

    Correct, will do
  4. Volts Pots

    2D sprite cost - need some advice

    Thanks for the reply! Well, with internet it is not difficult to find an artist out there. Actually, a lot of guys on devinart and artstation are talented beyond limits. Main question would still be the cost Thanks for the reply! So far, I paid around 100$ for a character concept art (not an actual sprite, just the way the character looks, colors, etc). But the character would look different in the actual game and I not every artist understands animation and keyframes from what I know. So, when you say you had paid 350$ for a single sprite - do you mean that if idle animation has around 5 frames, it would 5x the cost?
  5. Hello guys! First and foremost, this is my first-ever post here, so I am really looking forward to warm welcome 🤪 After almost 12 years of web and desktop, I would like to slowly move to indy video game development. And while I am quite good at programming itself, the video game art is a complex topic for me and googling for the answers actually left me with more questions than answers. Hopefully, this forum is the right place to look for my answers. My first one would be... What are the average costs of drawing 2D sprites? I found this article, which takes "Skull Girls" as an example (my game won't be anything close to that though), where they state that when done by a "decent" artist (sounds good enough for me) 500-frame character would cost 1000-5000$. Do actual 2D prices fall within this range? Would that mean that (let's say) a 50 frame character would cost 10x less? In terms of quality, style and fluidity, I am looking into something similar to recent "Hustle Castle" (but on PC). Here is some sample. I have designed the game and its logic and now I am moving to the development phase. However, since I am not the one who will handle the graphics and the animations (I will outsource them), the number of characters is limited strictly to my budget. I am grateful for any links/comments/opinion/advise that you guys can share. I still have a long way ago, but it's better to start acting now
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