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  1. Zombibonez

    To prototype or not to prototype?

    Thank you to everyone for all of your helpful input! I really appreciate that you have taken me seriously lol Am I way too ambitious? Yes haha. Every day of my life. Thank you for trying to ground me. I had a good feeling many of you would tell me to start small. I suppose that is inevitable given that they have you start pretty small in many of the Unity tutorials. I do not intend to be the main developer for the game, because that seems way over my head. I do, however, seek to add value to a partnership or team. I figured knowing more than how to write a business plan or a game design document would be ideal. Mainly, I was not sure what my first steps should be. Should I write a GDD before making a prototype, or the other way around? As one of you already mentioned, why design a prototype if I'm not testing the feasibility of a specific game mechanic? I recently learned prototypes are meant to answer specific questions you have about how the game will work, not necessarily to show off a potential game. I am not entirely sure where that leaves me, but the first step seems be to get a better understanding of the work that is ahead of me if I decide to commit to undertaking such a project.
  2. Zombibonez

    To prototype or not to prototype?

    I am sorry. I misspoke. It is more of an online multiplayer game, not an MMO. There is no persistent, open world that MMOs tend to have. A close competitor would be Darwin Project, and similar games.
  3. I have an idea for an MMO that I want to create, but I am not a game developer. I would like advice on how to go about creating the game, given that I have little to no experience. Currently, I have been learning how to use Unity and planned to create a prototype of the game myself. This way I am not just a girl with an idea, and I have something to show when recruiting indie game devs. I do not know how difficult creating a prototype is for a beginner or if that is actually the place I should start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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