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  1. bigmacmuffin

    In Need of direction

    I see, I took a look at CryEngine since well the Crysis game was awesome and it was made from it. I was looking to engines that support the language I know which is C++.. On a general Note I know it would need a photo editor and photoshop currently is most recommended one I amble to see. Is there a free one that I could grab and what other programs do I need? Do I need 3d maya or similar programs? Sound editing? Sorry for the late reply I have been busy. Yes I currently have Unreal downloaded for now and is considering to download unity. I plan to make small mobile apps before hand at the very least to help me with finances and fund my self for the bigger project.
  2. bigmacmuffin

    In Need of direction

    SFML I would look into that. Currently though Im looking into Unreal, Unity, and Cry engine. Unity seems to be the easiest to get into but the design is cartoonish. Im still debating with myself with Unreal and Cry. Unreal seems to be more widely used but I also wanted to see cry engine because I think it is more stable (remembering the Crysis game).
  3. bigmacmuffin

    In Need of direction

    To start of Hello guys Happy Holidays. I am currently venturing game development as a Side project to keep myself busy from being in between jobs. I have adequate knowledge in C++, I should have pursued a career in programming but I went and worked as a Cook (Yes I have been told that the two professions are very far from each other) any how as a kid I always wanted to make my own game and maybe an mmo, but here in the philippines I can hardly find a career in game development that is why I pursued my other hobby which is cooking. Now getting to the direction part. Can I have recommendations on what platforms/compilers/engines/programs/languages I need to kick start this project. I am currently brushing up in my C++ knowledge, and crunching brain muscles in my concept and world creation. Thank you in advance,
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