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  1. azhar_r

    Exploration vs exploitation problem

    Thank you for your answer. Since it was already stated in the question that all five actions have been carried out before and the utility values are known, I thought the player would only exploit a particular action with the highest utility value. But I understand your point about coming back to state 27 via other actions with "better" utility values which would then affect the actions being taken from state 27. Thank you for your response. And no, this is directly from a test which unfortunately I don't have the memo to cross-check my answers.
  2. azhar_r

    Exploration vs exploitation problem

    Its a question from a test paper where I can't verify whether my answers are correct.
  3. I have the following question and wanted to know if my answer is more or less correct (makes sense): My answer: Does this answer make sense? If not, what needs to be added or changed?
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